Coming across a negative review on the long tail pro is hard. Why? Because thousands of people have used the keyword research tool and they attest to its working. If you are looking for an automated system that will show you all the profitable keywords in your niche, Long Tail Pro is one of the choices you have.

Introducing Long Tail Pro

When you are running a micro-niche blog, one of the hurdles you will have to deal with is finding the right keywords that will attract traffic to your blog. This is where you consider a keyword research tool. Long Tail Pro operates as a desktop keyword research tool running on Adobe Air. This means that you can use it on Windows and Mac.

Long Tail Pro has been in operation since 2012 and true to its name, the service concentrates on long-tail keywords. The service is relatively straightforward, allowing you to start researching keywords immediately you create an account. The premium service, created by Spencer Haws, has been growing in popularity with each year, placing it among the most popular tool in 2017.

Keyword Research Feature

It is easy, you are only required to have a seed keyword to generate related keywords. Once you have created an account, add one or more seed keywords and click generate; a list of associated keywords that you can rank on Google’s top ten results. While using this feature, you can import seed keywords from an external source. You can filter the keyword results by the number of words, number of searches, and average CPC.

Long Tail Pro is pretty fast and produces results in between one and three minutes after you push the ‘generate’ button. The tool lays out data in a presentable Google keyword planner. If you have a premium account, you can calculate individual keyword competition. There is no massive difference between using this and Google’s keyword planner besides the competitor metric, but this makes all the difference.

Competitor Analysis Capability

This is one of the features that ensure there is no negative review on Long Tail Pro. This feature gives you the ability to analyze the top ten individual keyword results on Google. When you choose to study a given keyword, you learn how competitive the given keyword is. A variety of effects will be produced, including:

• Page authority
• Title
• Page links
• Juicing page
• Page Rank
• Moz Rank
• Domain authority and,
• Site age

The competitor analysis feature compiles all the data above into an easy to comprehend structure. This is a standalone feature that gives this tool an edge in the competition. With a premium account, you get keyword competition metrics for whichever keyword you need. Without the competitor analysis tool, the keyword analysis tool is not of many benefits to the user.

Rank Checker Feature

Rank checker is a tool designed to show you the exact position you hold on search engine results for a given keyword; many keyword research tools are offering this feature. Long Tail Pro is unique in that it provides the quality in a mix of other features making it an all-in-one tool. The rank checker feature comes in handy when struggling to attract traffic to your website.

This feature is simple; you add a keyword and your domain URL and then specify the country for which you want to rank and then push the ‘check rank’ button. After the tool compiles the results, you will be able to see the position of your website on Bing, Yahoo, and Google; this gives you an idea of how much you need to work on your website.

This feature is that simple, and it adds to the Long Tail Pro’s generous offering. The good thing with Long Tail Pro is that it is created with an intuitive interface. To use the feature, you only need necessary computer skills, and you are good to go.

Who is this Tool Designed For?

This tool is created for anyone who owns a website and wants it to rank on the first page of search engine results. Whether your website has been in operation for a long time or you are just starting out, you can use this tool. If you have struggled to try to get the right keywords on Google Keyword Planner, you can try this tool. If you are a marketer, this keyword research tool shows you which keywords to go for.


There are three plans to choose from; monthly starter, which goes for $37 per month, monthly pro, which goes for $67 per month, and the monthly agency, which goes for $147 per month. You have the chance to test-drive the program at only $1; if you love it, get the premium account. The starter and pro plans are fully featured, but some of the features are inaccessible.

What’s Good About Long Tail Pro?

• Offers fast keyword analysis; 3 minutes maximum and you have a long list of keywords
• You can start multiple keyword research projects at the same time
• The interface is intuitive simple enough to be used by beginners
• It offers you keyword ideas by providing a simple layout of keywords and analyzing them
• The company provides excellent customer support

What is not right about the tool?

• Asks for Captcha Entry almost every time you need to log in
• The program is relatively more expensive compared to competitors
• You need to download the software; no online version

Are you having a problem driving high traffic to your website? Perhaps the first tool you should try is Long Tail Pro, thanks to its remarkable features and its ease of use. Are you struggling with appropriate keywords naturally into your website content?

We Can Help You

Getting long-tail keywords from Long Tail Pro is one thing, and incorporating them into your website content is another different but related case. Keyword stuffed content does not do well on Google. We can write for you and help you get the balance between keyword use and quality content.

There are other tools on the market, not covered in this Long Tail Pro review, which you can use for keyword research, but most of them do not have as many features as Long Tail Pro.

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