How to Use WOM Marketing to Benefit Your Language School

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) can be the most successful tool you have to build your business. It is quite simple, inexpensive, and can generate new customers in a relatively short amount of time.
Pro-consumer WOM can be defined as a satisfied customer extolling the benefits of your service with potential customers. Pro-consumer WOM is successful because of the personal nature of the communication between individuals. The communicator, or present customer, seems honest and isn’t perceived as having an ulterior motive. He is a satisfied customer with nothing to gain.
There are several ways you can implement WOM to benefit your language school.
1- Create an event. Have a small gathering at your school, and ask your students to invite friends and acquaintances who may be interested in enrolling, themselves. At the time of the event, make sure you have an incentive program in place. This might be a small discount for signing up that day, or, perhaps, one free lesson. All of the good buzz from already satisfied people can only help you in securing new customers.
2- Have a \”tell-a-friend\” campaign. When you see your customers on a daily basis, hand them a pamphlet about your language school. Ask them to hand it off to a friend or neighbor. Your students often meet people they know at the library, the supermarket, or in church. Having a pamphlet in hand allows them to talk freely about your school. Extolling the benefits of being enrolled in your language school can create a positive buzz and goodwill.
3- Hold an entrance campaign. Ask your students to tell others about your promotion for new customers. Set a deadline for when the campaign will end. Ask your students to bring a friend to class, or to meet them when a class is over. Be sure to have flyers on hand that describe your program, and the promotion that is in place at the time. Include the benefits of enrolling in your school, the length of the course, and the discounted price. Meeting prospective customers in person is more beneficial to your business, than handing out flyers, anonymously.
Always thank your students, personally, for bringing in new customers. You may offer an incentive for each new student who enrolls in your language school. A small gift may be appropriate.
WOM is a creative tool that will help you attract new customers, and allow your business to grow.

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