About Us

Language School was founded as a visionary project with
a mission to revolutionize language learning in the digital age.

Language School: Your Conversational Buddy for Real Language Learning

Hey there! I’m Sandy Allain, your SEO Consultant for Language School and project manager based in Madrid, Spain.

Language School fosters a personal connection through conversational, empathetic vibes, making language learning relatable. Dive in for a buddy-like experience! The concept arose from recognizing the online competitiveness faced by start-ups and SMMEs due to limited SEO resources.

Just like our AI, we hustle with speed, smarts, and grit!

By leveraging the power of AI to automate tasks and streamline processes, we realized that achieving success in the digital realm doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let AI do the heavy lifting, and voila, Language School was born!

We offer top AI-driven SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses. Combines AI with human expertise in sales, marketing, and web development for holistic solutions.

“Language School is like the Robin Hood of organic SEO services, providing high-level AI to small businesses.”
Patricia Griffin
Sacramento, CA

Start Your Language School Journey Now,
Unlock Opportunities!

With Language School, you can transform your SEO from zero to hero. Ready to take the leap? With our affordable, custom SEO packages and advanced AI technology, we make it possible for these businesses to compete with larger corporations online.

We are here to collaborate with you in elevating your business in the digital realm. Rest assured, our dedicated experts will provide guidance and support at every step of your journey towards online success. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Meet the Founders

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Patricia Griffin
Product developer
Floyd Ragland
Financial Officer
Patricia Griffin
QA Manager
Patricia Griffin
UI/UX Designer