Although these can be a little more time-consuming as strategies to improve web traffic, they pay a stable long-term return to the future relative to those mentioned.

Unlike social media, the links you share in the comments sections of other blogs and forums, and the guest posts you curate, do not appear to be dominated by newer content. It will only be available to anybody who lands on a particular topic group, website, or share.

The idea here is not to go mad and start spamming links to your site anywhere you can but to find interesting discussions on rival websites and other related amateur pages that people may also visit to learn about the information that is also relevant to your business.

Competitor Websites and Commenting on Them

The most important thing to note when you use rival websites to attract more traffic to your website is that you only want to post a few links to your own company site on each website. If you’re too mad to comment on competing sites with a link back to your site, site administrators can take action and erase links back to your website or delete your comments altogether.

To make the most use of rival websites, you want to make sure that your comments are substantive and relevant to the subject under discussion. If not, you will come off as nothing more than a spammer, nearly ruining the chances of traffic to your site.

When you make a meaningful comment, make sure you add a link to the content on your site that adds value to your point or broadens the scope of the subject at hand.

Commenting on Field-Related Forums

Apart from using competitive websites to improve your web traffic, there are many forums where you can post your link and seek input on your site’s theme, content, or general architecture.

Apart from the added bonus of having a fresh viewpoint on your blog, you can also open the door to future customers who love what you have to give to recommend your website to others, purely out of reverence for your growth.

Since the forums are so diverse in terms of topical interest, it can take a while to find a conversation that fits for you, particularly if your company is firmly nestled. One advice in this regard is to find a sub-Reddit that is important to your content or company, to make a contribution to the conversation, and to post your links.

Win, the population here is pretty well qualified to deal with spam posters, so add stuff to Reddit after you believe you’ve made an existing contribution to the ongoing conversation. You ought to be alert because if you post material that is not relevant to the issue at hand, your reputation is going to dive.

With the vast number of users who visit these pages, the links and connections you post can lead visitors to your site for a long time to come.

Besides attracting more traffic to your site directly via the links themselves, your activities would also have a different impact. Search engine crawlers function by building interconnecting networks between other locations on the Internet, all of which add up to nodal links that could lead visitors on hundreds of routes.

With the operating process behind these coded trawlers, the greater number of connections you point back to your website, the greater your search index ranks.

When you create a significant amount of ties between you and other popular websites in your industry, the higher you will be viewed during the search feature. It would significantly boost your exposure and increase the number of visits to your site.

Stumble Upon

Since working on your mass-link delivery campaign, you need to invest some time on StumbleUpon and other related pages. Send the URL of your site to these sites, and they will continue to lead users from their visitor base to your platform at random.

While you do not believe that this approach will succeed, you may be surprised to find that the volume of guests to your channel may increase by thousands as soon as Stumblers begin to appear on your site.

The Wonders of Guest Blogging

Along with distributing links and using social media sites to push traffic to your site, another simple way to increase your visitors is to partner with other, more developed cyber personalities. The best way to do so is to try to contribute guest posts to other sites.

Since you have your own expertise and knowledge, and many other sites are still trying to extend their content range, you will be able to contribute to many channels and maybe even publish the same post to several sites at the same time if you could reach non-exclusive deals with them.

Although specific sites provide financial compensation to guest writers, they also have other opportunities that do not require monetary compensation. Some would encourage you to publish more links alongside your brief bio creator, which will help you open a door between your whole visitor base and your material.

However, if you’re not much of a blogger, you can still find someone else to write your copy, or you may want to try asking other experts to include your site’s guest posts in return for more exposure from their article or even monetary rewards.

It’s yet another great way to open up your material and platform to your existing audience, who they could make accessible to your venue by their own self-promotion.


Guest blogging works well for growing web traffic because people have more confidence in outlets where numerous expert voices offer their views on a host of similar topics rather than a single contributor.

Collaborations also act as brand-new improvements in speech and style. They can also help strengthen your platform’s declining popularity in the absence of material from an amateur blogger.

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