Since your long-term goal is to make your business soar and your branding known beyond your target market, you must have a plan that you will strictly follow. Currently, the only way you can think of is through Social Media. The good news is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. 

Social media is deemed the most efficient way to market both small and big enterprises at this time and age. It is a powerful tool to establish a robust market and consistently connect with the market that you are eyeing in such a way that other companies and brands that have yet to try. However, it will again require you to have a PLAN. How can you possibly run a business without a strategy, right?

The Social Media Marketing Magic

Considering a social marketing tool can be the most effective strategy that can drive your brand from a meager label or scanty blog; into a professional, distinguished, and trusted company.

It seems impossible for most entrepreneurs, but the exciting fact about it is that this technique has done wonders to uncounted labels that had made significant before you.

Look into the famous brands in your market and industry, and you will be astonished to find out that they also started precisely the same way as you are right now. As they use social media, alongside other marketing tools, just like you, they aimed to make their business grow and eventually make it in the industry. And in the end, they did make it even more significant than they expected.

Although, of course, there is always another version of this story. Some brands also failed due to wrong predictions or simply because they have no plan at all.

That’s basically the purpose of this content. To help you avoid going through the hurdles of failing in your business and instead go about the strategies used by major sites. It also presents a huge room to discover whether that technique suits your mission, brand, and target market. Remember that this plan is the utmost key to the success of your branding campaign.

Identify Your Goals and Objectives

Before you dive into your business, the first thing you must do is pinpoint your social media plan’s primary purpose. You could just imagine how many brands will immediately rush into social media marketing without even studying how excellent this concept is.

Try asking entrepreneurs and creators about what their business plan is, and don’t be surprised if they look back at you with a blank face, or they will confidently tell you “to make this business grow more.”

The only thing is that statements alone are not enough without having a structured road map of the business. In this case, better ask yourself what the word “success” really means for you and your business.

There could be a list of goals that you may have in your mind right now or during the time you are building your business. It could be making a lot of sales instantly, become an authority in your industry, or have the kind of engagement that can reach a vast community of audience.

There could be tons of other reasons, but whatever the case may be, you must also consider other factors that will affect your plan, such as timeframe, the hours you can commit to establishing your goals, and of course, your budget.

As a matter of fact, if you can set up your own in-house social media division in your firm, then it’s the best move that you can do. What’s more important is to have a subtle plan that you will stick with rather than an ambiguous one that you will eventually give up one day.

Identify your Brand

Branding is everything. There is no such thing as a business without a brand or trademark. In short, all companies MUST have branding, and perhaps, this may seem a bit straightforward, but after this course, you might consider rebranding.

Fact check. There is a 99.9 percent guarantee that your social media’s success will entirely bank big time on your label. So if your branding is not that pleasing or attractive, then there is a very minimal chance that your audience and customers will choose you over your competitor.

Social media’s primary role in your business is to establish the kind of interaction with an audience who will subscribe and sign up. This method will make your market trust you and will always consider purchasing from you.

Imagine that you regularly post compelling content, yet your trademark is repulsive, and you couldn’t elaborate further why your visitors seem to just be coming and going.

Remember the drill. If you wanted to become the authority in your industry and make your audience know about your business, establish a compelling brand is the right way to it. Aim for a trademark that will make people see that it’s you the moment they see it. No matter what site or channel they see your brand, they would what it’s all about. Give them the impression that your brand can be trusted and embodies a professional goal that produces only quality content and products.

If you can’t design your logo, hire someone that can do it for you. See to it that it can reach not just your channel but various platforms and accounts too.

Target Market

Just like other well-known brands, your branding must at least be influenced by what your audience needs and the kind of service they wanted. Having a social media presence is a good strategy, but it is just to kick-start everything.


Basically, you would have a particular target demographic-based on the brand and industry. They might be middle-aged entrepreneurs, they might be pizza shop owners, perhaps attractive, trendy women, or they might be martial artists.

No matter who your potential audience is, grasping and being aware of your market’s needs is vital to your brand’s success.

Presently, if you try and generate messages and branding that is engaging to everyone, it will inadvertently attract no one. It will be too universal and brand. It’s always safer to go to a specific section of the network but get them on board with everything you’re doing and offering.

But first, identify them.

Through market research, you can quickly point out the kind of audience that will support your brand and what they exactly need and expect from your products and services. Preferably, it means that you have to conduct studies and surveys about your present consumers and visitors. Try to find out essential information that can help you establish the kind of brand that will attract them. Learn details about their hobbies, age group, and where and how they spend their time every day.  

Gathering all this information can help you constitute an image of a person and know exactly who you will be marketing to. This technique is also applicable to your competition. Who their target market is? Who invests more time in their websites and social media pages? What can you discover from them that can be beneficial to your business?

The moment you have collected information such as these, you can better understand a logo and other details that better describe your brand. It can be the best tool to engage in a broader market. This strategy applies to content or copy that you will be publishing on your website, especially on the ‘about’ page that will highlight the vital information about your brand. It is also the page your visitors will be checking out to find out more about your objectives and services.

The moment you find out the crowd you can easily engage with, it will be easier for you to attract them to your brand.

A Brand that Describes you

An ultimate rule in businesses- as much as possible – use a personal brand.

A personal brand is not traditionally creating a logo or provide a name for your enterprise. It will only be your second option in presenting your name and the face that will represent your trademark.

Having a personal brand can work incredibly well because you give your followers and audience a chance to get to know you even more. It will serve as an opportunity to build familiarity and trust.

Utilizing a personal brand will put you in a situation where you can advertise your brand featuring its value, dream, and lifestyle. Simply, you are showcasing the kind of life that you are promoting and been working hard for.

Say you are running a brand about fitness that features various ways of eating healthy, achieving personal goals, and feeling confident. You can show your audience how you do it by posting images on different social media platforms, going live on Facebook, conducting fitness training, and even recipe videos on how you make your healthy meals. You can showcase these and more materials on your website, which can catch your audience’s attention, who are deeply interested in fitness.

A personal brand can be truly inspiring when appropriately managed and will even move other people to check out your services and eventually follow you too. They can even turn into buying customers! Having an unlimited file of videos, images, and blog content, you will have enough supply to share on all your social media accounts.

Create Content for your Audience and Use Tools that will Automate Scheduling your Posts

It is exceptionally vital to know who your audience is when seeking triumph in your social media commitment and presence. Your audiences’ needs and interest will be your deciding factor on what type of content your followers will engage in and is worth sharing.

Say you are in the coffee roaster industry. Your target market will definitely be interested in various coffee recipes, brewing techniques, tips, and everything related to coffee. Don’t forget to find out the essential details about your audience to make sure that your materials fit the right crowd.

It is crucial to have relevant and high-quality content that includes images, videos, and other visual content forms related to your chosen niche. Remember, these are the people that will keep your business thriving and will even invite more audience into your brand.

And because you have decided to stay active and visible on social media, you must consider the virtual tools that will automate your posts and schedules. Doing this will save you a lot of time, which you can use for other essential business matters.

There are many tools online that you can choose from, depending on your preference and priority. These tools are vital for you to schedule bulk posts at once and get to plan more ahead of time. It will also allow you to keep track of your site and quickly respond to messages and inquiries.

The Right Platform to Use

Choosing a platform can affect the reach and presence of your brand. Now, deciding on the right platform will serve as your brand’s spokesperson and convey your message.

Ways to relay your message

Facebook has over 2 billion members and is a social media platform that houses the most massive audience worldwide. It makes it the best avenue to reach a comprehensive demographic, and this includes various age groups, the ‘techy’ and non-internet savvy, and diverse market community. It means that by using Facebook, you can easily share video content for different purposes – both business and non-business related.

LinkedIn is one of the most sought-out business marketing platforms nowadays. It’s famous amongst the B2B and B2C enterprises that will boost trust, establish an authority, and improve viewers’ interaction.

Twitter, on another note, is a social avenue that is always up-to-date with the latest news all over the globe, especially in the business industry. It mostly caters to an audience under 50 who are particular to the latest trending issues, announcements, and breaking news.

Pinterest, of course, is the most famous photo-sharing app that is also used by various industries that are particular with their branding appearances such as travel, fashion, food, hospitality, and the arts. It’s a fantastic tool in stimulating sales because of the number of users who use it to check out possible purchases and design ideas.

Snapchat, an unexpected booming social networking site app used by companies for promotion, provides exclusive access, presents customized content, and drives a professional relationship with influencers to promote branding appeal and commitment.

On another note, Instagram, another social media platform that caters to a lot of subscribers but is mostly women and younger audiences. What’s even more impressive about IG is its nature, making it an excellent avenue for value proposition and introducing lifestyle products and services. Its ‘stories’ feature is one of its tools used to showcase personal brands and new discoveries.

Don’t expect too much of your ROI with Instagram yet. If you have a good camera and love to take photos and post daily – do so and continue to share what you have in mind and what you practice. Eventually, your interesting content images will get many reshares, likes, and positive comments and will get you an impressive number of followers.


Establish a Plan

After all these discussions, the time has come for you to orchestrate a plan. It would be more satisfying if you can create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. It includes a regular posting plan that will consistently fit into your daily routine and is sustainable enough for you and your business.

Ideally, you must create contents that you will routinely post on the primary social media platforms and other related applications for that matter, such as the following:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Google Plus
  • Meerkat
  • LinkedIn
  • And other social media platforms that pose as an excellent virtual business tool.

It would allow the label to be ‘everywhere’ and to optimize visibility. And by posting regularly, you’re going to have a better chance of seeing the entries. There is an overload point where you can start to confuse your followers, but you can prevent this by setting up’ sister’ labels to help you market yourself.

So, there just isn’t an upper bound. The only upper limit is how many you can do on a daily basis.

And this would also impact other areas of your marketing, such as your promotional materials and video engagement on YouTube.

So your marketing campaign is likely to be very restricted. Start by concentrating solely on one platform, whether that means Instagram or Facebook. At least make sure you’ve got a good display on the top three.

Consider the regularity with which you should upload material on your site and where you’re going to share it. Again, spreading posts on the three main networks is still a smart idea (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and you can even look at engaging in online forums such as Reddit and Google Plus.

You’ll find more strategies to expand your social network faster and hit an even wider audience through the majority of these articles, so read the entire list, and you should be able to come up with a perfect social media plan to reach a broader audience!

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