Traditional SEO for businesses has emphasized the importance of getting as many links as possible. Unscrupulous language businesses even used bots to comment on other websites and link back to their own blog, just to increase how many pages link to them. However, thanks to a change in the way Google sets their page rankings, it is now more important to get useful links from good community members that demonstrate that your content is valuable.
The old way of exchanging links was just to cross-link to as many schools and teachers as possible and have them do the same- quantity over quality. The new method is exactly the opposite. You as a language business need to take the time to build genuine relationships with other schools and teachers and allow cross-linking to occur naturally. This is about a relationship, not fishing for links for their own sake.

\"\"Attract Links With Content

Writing excellent content will generate links all on its own. If you keep putting up consistently good content, then you will begin to attract more links and more buzz just as a natural result of people being interested in that content. That’s the kind of link you want- a solid acknowledgment that you have created something good, and other people really think it is worth sharing. Links that show search engines that you are a good content creator are the most valuable kinds of links, and they are also useful in their own right as a way to attract new readers and raise your profile.

Social Media Outreach

The advent of social media is a great opportunity to get some links in this way. If you have a lot of followers, then sharing all of your articles means that if your followers like the content, they will share it with all of their followers, and so on. In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s quite easy and common for people to share links of content that grabs their attention, so push hard to build up your social media presence. This is a simple way to reach out directly to interested readers.

Guest Posts

It’s also a good idea to venture outside your own site sometimes. In your area, there might be certain well-known and exclusive blogs or websites. If you can manage to score an invitation for a guest post, then you have just earned the chance to show off how good you are in front of a whole new crowd of interested readers.

Community Participation

That plays into the next point- be a good member of your community. Participate in conversations, engage with other teachers, create good, interlinked content, and collaborate. The more you can build up a reputation as a creator of strong content and a good community member, the more links you will naturally accumulate. Remember, it is all about quality, not quantity. You want people to link to you because they want to, not because of some mutual deal.

Check Backlinks

Finally, one last trick. Check out the backlinks of your competition. If they are using old-style spammy SEO, then you won’t find anything good there most of the time, but you never know who might be on the other end of a backlink, so give it a shot. It doesn’t really take any time, and you might get some good ideas out of it. Good luck!

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