Contrary to what you may believe, a tough economy is a great leveraging tool that can help you to increase your business during slow times. With the right product and pricing, your language courses can mean the difference between employment for a breadwinner and continued frustration in the job market.
Here are some ways that you can market your language courses during tough times.
Connect being multilingual directly to employment.
Articles by no less than the New York Times and Forbes magazine have showcased the increased ability of bilingual candidates to get employed. You can use these same resources to direct business your way; after all, if being bilingual can get you a job, your language program suddenly graduates from an enjoyable hobby to a good investment.
Be sure that you have the correct product in place for your audience.
Many people may believe that Spanish is the most important language to learn because of the increasing population of Hispanics around the world. However, Depending on the geographic location, it may be more beneficial to play up another language.
The most effective language to learn can also differ according to the industry. Statistics show that employees in the field of education may actually benefit more by learning South Korean dialects – Korean parents are far and away the most invested in after school educational programs for their children.
Showcase a variety of products (languages as well as people).
The more languages that you and your staff know, the wider you will be a will to market your services. However, this is not the only product that you are selling.
The more multicultural your staff, the more likely it is that people will believe that you have services that can help them. Although it may seem stereotypical to believe that a person whose heritage is from a certain ethnicity speaks his or her “native” language more effectively, it certainly involves less steps in the marketing process.
Lastly, remember to price your products according to your audience.
If you have the ability to teach online, you may be able to raise your prices far above those who only have the ability to teach locally. Whichever the case, be sure that your pricing is meant for the audience to whom you are marketing. People without jobs who are looking to become bilingual may not have as much money as people who are taking another language for fun.

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