In order for a language school to do well and increase student enrollment, it is necessary to have teachers who are happy and satisfied. It not only impacts the overall environment of the school but also leads to qualitative results in teaching. Here are 5 essential tips for managing teachers in language schools –
Offer Incentives For Better Performance – If the language school has tight margins, then the teachers should be rewarded in the form of incentives. It can be something as simple as paid holidays, day outs and objective based bonuses to profit sharing.
Management Should Be Based On Personality – Putting all the teachers in one basket and having a blanket management style often backfires in the worst ways possible. Instead, teachers should be treated like unique individuals who all require different things at different times. Empathy, great communication, and listening skills can come in handy in this area.
Use Performance Indicators – Every language school uses a different method of measuring performance. This can be teacher satisfaction, success rates of exams and certifications, recommendation rates of individual teachers, and cancellation rates of the teachers. These performance indicators would also help to understand which teachers need more attention and management over others.
Balance Motivation With Criticism – The greatest rule of management is knowing when to motivate and when to criticize. Criticism, when done badly can lead to confidence issues and motivation, when overemphasized can cause a lack of effort. Constructive criticism should be offered when necessary and, when the problem is rectified, it should be followed up with motivation. Team building meetings and regular performance evaluations can be used to great effect for amazing teacher management results.
Allow Creativity and Offer Training – After setting a few ground rules, teachers must be allowed to use their own creativity, experience, and judgment for teaching classes. Often, consultants are hired by teaching schools to find out creative ways of teaching and teachers should be made to sit during these sessions so that they can learn something new. At the same time, training existing teachers to stay at par with the industry standards is equally important. This can be counterproductive for everyone involved. Specialized training can also be a great bonus for teachers hoping to grow professionally.
These tips would ensure that the core service providers of a language school – teachers – are working at top efficiency because they are managed properly.

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