Too many businesses think that search engine optimization SEO is either some luxury marketing strategy that does not apply to them or they think it is the act of adding a few lines of descriptions to their pages and domain description as a one-time requirement to be found on the search engines correctly.

The truth is entirely different.
SEO is an ongoing process that happens 24/7. It is something that search engines constantly apply. It is nothing that “can not be done”.

Search engines constantly monitor the behavior of customers that search keywords online and – that is important! – then actual monitor the real-time behavior of people on your websites. Based on that behavior your website gets categories and ranked for quality and how good you actually are in helping customers finding that they want.
The times, where you just added a half-decent description about your language school and what you are offering and then just forget about it, are long gone.
If you as a language school or language service provider want to stand out against your competition and reach more language students both today and in the long run you need to understand that SEO is actually an ongoing essential Internet marketing activity. It is essential for you to constantly improve how to present your services and enables you to communicate more effectively to your potential new language students. If done correctly, you will reach more and more potential qualified customers.
Language schools who ignore SEO will always suffer because:

1. They don’t take control of how their information is being processed in the search engines
If you just leave your websites the “way they are” Google and other search engines will rank better performing websites against you. You will always lose search traffic and sales in the long run.
2. They don’t learn from search engine data how potential customers look for their needed information
Customers search and research behavior have greatly changed over the last couple of years. New mobile devices, for example, dominate how information gets viewed and processed. Websites for example who are not optimized for it, are being eliminated from search results.
3. They are trapped in the past
What used to work on the Internet just 5 years (or even 2 years!) ago no longer works. There is no “status quo” on being on “top of search engine results” forever. If you do not constantly update and stay current, your company is old news.
Here is the problem with all SEO marketing related activities. For any business owner, there is not enough time to do all the necessary marketing activities themselves.

The only way to stay on top is to have experts working for you. The key is to deliver them the relevant key information about your services and products and create an ongoing flow of information to educate and animate your potential customers.

With a team of content creators, marketing specialists and technical experts optimizing your website(s) this is exactly our mission here at
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