You’re trying hard to get new students to your language school. You’re advertising; you’re creating content; you’re erecting an authority website for all things language.
The problem is your content. It’s losing visitors.
Your content may be too complex, diluted, or spread out. Your visitors come looking for one idea but have six or seven other ideas introduced to them.
Understandably enough, they feel overwhelmed. They leave because they can find the answer they want without wading through a murky swamp of words.
Let’s explore some strategies that will help you focus the content for your language school. It will help you create driven, focused content that pulls your visitors to explore your website rather than to abandon it.

1. Start Simple: Create a USP

A unique selling proposition (USP) concisely states what your website it about. It is the first thing that most visitors need to feel safe with the information you’re presenting the, and it helps you focus your content.
Your USP conveys the following about your language school in the blink of an eye:

  • What languages your school teaches.
  • Who you teach.
  • Why your school offers the largest benefits to their education.
  • What attributes are distinct about your school.
  • Why your school is the best in what it does.

Creating a concise USP is difficult, but it can be done. The best way to begin creating one is to think about USP you may already be familiar with.
A popular USP for shampoo is “Shampoo: It gets your hair clean and tangle-free.” Similar concepts can be applied to your language school’s USP.

2. Trim the Fat From Your Website

You may value every word written on your website, but the truth is that it is a failure if it isn’t moving visitors towards taking action with you.
If your content does not result in convincing a new visitor to become your student, then it’s time to trim that excess, or reshape it until it does.
Don’t be afraid to hide content that you don’t need. You can always add it later, if you find your visitors want it.

3. Start Small, Think Big

Visitors require an introduction before they can delve into the majority of the information you’re offering them. This is where a hierarchical website becomes a necessity to keeping your visitors.
Always start with something simple. If your visitors need an explanation about a language topic, make it easy for them to understand.
Give your visitor the opportunity to read more by linking to more detailed pages. Push your language school at every opportunity you get.
In the event that your visitor lands on a detailed page, ensure that there is a link back to the introduction page. This will increase the likelihood of your visitors staying on your website without getting overwhelmed.

4. Utilize Other Ways of Delivering Information

The last tip is to utilize other ways of delivering information. Just because your website deals with language topics does not mean you have to restrict yourself to text.
Pictures, video and audio can contain tons of information. Use them to give visitors more information about your language school.
Remember Your Goal is to Create Students and Customers
When creating content for your language school’s website, stay focused. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors.
If you overwhelm your visitors, you will drive them away.
If you deliver the information they want in bites small enough for them to eat, then you will create new students for your language school.
By following the tips above, you will create a clear and concise website that creates new students for your language school.

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