In order to ensure your Internet success with your language school, there are many Internet marketing-related activities that need to be done professionally. One of the most important framework activity online is Search Engine Optimization – the requirement for all your websites, social media pages and anything connected with online activity to promote your language school services.

What is SEO for Language Schools?

Here are the important aspects that you need to know about SEO.
SEO is still the most misunderstood aspect of online marketing related activities today. See also the article 5 Myths Language Schools Need To Stop Believing About SEO 
Many business owners think that search engines such as Google help your website(s) to be listed and shown to interested customers automatically. While search engines get more and more intelligent for sure, nothing really happens 100% automatically online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ongoing process to optimize and prepare and keep your website(s) and online activities up-to-date.

It is the necessary work to be done so that your description and titles are displayed correctly in search engines and that your potential customers can find your pages and information as fast as possible.
Not doing SEO and leaving your websites without understanding how search engines work is the worst thing you can do. Consider the fact that there over 1.5 billion websites online today, of which 200 million are active it is pretty tough to stand out. (A good place to get a feel of those statistics is to visit
If you do not optimize your online presences then you are hoping for random success and that potential customers will find you \”on their own\” – which is pretty much impossible.
Business owners who think that it is enough to have an impressively designed webpage online and this will lead to customers automatically are in for a rude awakening. Often such business owners start to re-designing or changing aspects of their websites instead of addressing the real issue: that your website needs to be found in search engines in the most beneficial way for your future customers.

Get content on your website and let me help you understand what needs to be done and helps you with the necessary steps. See also the article Why Understanding SEO Yourself & Let Others Do Your Language School SEO Is The Key

So what does have a language business have to know about SEO?

1: The job of search engines is to connect their users searching for information with matching and useful websites as fast as possible. Google is number 1 in this for a reason. They are the fastest and most accurate
2: Search engines know their users very well: their demographics, their preferences, their location, how much money they tend to spend, and – if they are actually ready to buy something at all.
SEO is the process of optimizing the necessary information about your language business to be communicated to the right people.

While search engines make money only from companies that pay them for pay-per-click advertising, SEO is concerned with all listings in search engines that are shown without payment.
SEO helps to optimize the automated categorization process and ranking process of relevant websites for Internet users.
While paid advertising can \”force\” a website to be shown to a potential customer, SEO can NOT force a website to be shown but increases the likelihood that your website is shown – if it is the perfect match on what for example Google knows both about YOUR business and the Google user.
This is why it is so important, that you do not leave it up to Google to know what your business is about, but you actively telling Google and other search engines how you want your business to be known.
The process of optimizing this process that has to do with selecting keywords, phrases, slogans, and titles to be shown in search engines is the center of SEO.

Don\’t be overwhelmed!
Let me and my team help you. You focus on what goals you want to reach and we do all the necessary background work for you without you needing to know all the technical aspects and details.

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