Turn the trend to make selfies into a source of referrals

Some people are getting annoyed about the increasing number of people taking selfies at any given moment of the day. Language school owners should be delighted because if your language students having fun, this will be a great source of future referrals for your language school.

These days it is more important than ever to think about your branding of your language school. The need for a recognizable logo and visible name of your school anywhere on your premises is a must. Because people will take selfies if you like it or not.
This is why it is so important that all your staff should wear t-shirts or clothing that resembles your logo and name of your language school as well.
It is obvious why your logo should communicate the fun and blend naturally with the overall look of your language school. While it might not be practical for everyone working at your school to wear a T-shirt or shirt with your logo, there are other ways like wearing a big name tag with the logo might be more practical.

Social media that is focused on images like Instagram is always worth to be used, so if you are taking images with different student activities you can not only post it to Facebook or other networks but tag other students if they agree and like it. This way you can network and expose your language school easier with the friends and influencers of language students already present.
Any competition that asks students to use a hashtag with the name of your school, for example, can add additional exposure for your school. But more likely is if you create general something like #MeLearningSpanish that it even reaches more people than if you do a pure #ABCSchoolRocks campaign.
Rethink why people are taking so many selfies. They want to feel to be connected. And you can use this normal human desire to network and be seen more often online if you come up with the perfect opportunities throughout your language school premises.

Some tourist spots like cafes and museums utilize funny cardboards where the heads are cut off so people can stand behind it and take a funny \”tourist moment\”. You can create and come up with similar funny decorative elements that invite students to take silly and fun photos to share with others online.
Of course, you can give out T-Shirts with the slogan \”I survived the ABC Language Boot Camp!\” or you can come up with other fun activities like a scavenger hunt where people have to post photos during the game and share on social media as part of it while they try to gain a prize.
The possibilities are endless as long as you create moments for people to take selfies naturally. It should not look forced or for \”winning a price\” only.
If learning at your language school is a really fun experience itself then taking selfies will happen naturally. Your job is to provide a background that features your company logo and name. And make your language school experience even more interesting so more students share it with even more people.

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