Many language school owners search for a \”holy grail\” of Internet Marketing tactics that are not too expensive and will give them a lot in return for their business.

Of course, there is not such a \”holy grail\” (and only companies and individuals trying to sell you some digital snake oil will talk about \”shortcut\” strategies).
Every worthwhile Internet strategy comes with a commitment of time, money and putting quality into long-lasting results.
Here is one of the best online marketing strategy that your language school can use: guest post content.

This strategy is proven to add greatly to the reputation of your language school and bring language students in a constant base if done right.
First of all: a lot of language business owners want to get more \”traffic\” to their website, meaning having more people clicking over to read about the schools offers and activities.
The most effective way, however, is to BE PRESENT at other websites at first, before people come over to your website.
If potential language students find and read helpful and informative content about how to learn a language or particular interesting facts about the location where your language school can be found, they are more likely to visit your website and learn more about you.

Providing other websites with helpful content that help language students without being a commercial for your language school is done in form of producing \”guest blog posts\” or \”guest content\” that is to be placed on non-competitive language or travel related websites.
The key to do this successfully is to create information that is so entertaining and informative or so newsworthy that people will start sharing it without the need to use paid advertising in the first place.

So if you think that you just rewrite a few paragraphs coming straight from your language school website, forget about it. It must be original and should be very helpful to your potential language students.
Many language school owners have heard that getting links from other websites is very beneficial on how you are ranked and listed on search engines. While this is true, the effect of just getting as many links as possible back to your website does not work anymore as search engines are much more intelligent now. Search engines analyze now more how website visitors behave after they have clicked a link that leads to your website.
Getting content on other websites is NOT done in order to get a backlink to your website in the first place. Getting a link back to your website is just a natural result IF you are able to provide useful and impressive content in the first place.

The advantage of taking the time to come up and create highly valuable content is worth multiple times the effort to do so. Because unlikely to paid advertising placing guest content can send you paying customers for the next years to come without investing any additional time and effort into it.
Be aware that some websites will ask you to pay a fee or money to place your \”guest blog article\” or \”guest content\” on their site. Try to avoid such deals as this spells trouble in the first place.
Such websites usually accept content from anyone who pays their fees and you might be in \”bad company\” with other content that you do want to be associated with.
A successful \”guest blog\” strategy usually works like this:
You create and provide a helpful piece of language-related content – often it is easy to visit a blog of a website and match their style and discuss if you can provide them with a missing topic for their site.

Let\’s say you have a language school in Rome, so you could make a blog post saying \”Italian Language Secrets That Could Open Secret Doors If You Plan to Visit Rome\”.
Such a piece of information would be highly interactive and would provide the website itself great value because it will make people click on THEIR WEBSITE first, then after reading the hopefully fun and helpful article, the reader will be clicking over to your language school, where they might find a special Italian language course for short-time travelers.
Then they might discover that you offer your own guided Rome city tours where people can actually learn Italian with your integrated language training, offering actually a set of tours to museums and sights while teaching all essential Italian grammar.
They key is to have information that is \”evergreen\” and that is never outdated, so you do not have to change or update the information once you did create it.
The effect of this marketing strategy is a high-quality long-term reach to potential language students for months and years to come.

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