In a world that’s becoming more and more globalized, a language school is a popular place for people to learn a foreign language. When you’re marketing your school and trying to attract new students, it’s important to understand what potential enrollees are looking for and how to get their attention. Here are four important criteria that you need to include on your site.
1. Location
Perhaps the biggest factor is where your school is located. That’s why it’s critical that you clearly state your location so people can instantly find it and determine if it’s convenient for them. It’s smart to include the types of transportation that are available in your area for getting to and from the school because this can contribute to their decision making. If you’re offering online courses, you need to make this abundantly clear as well.
2. Courses Offered
The next thing that people will want to know is the specific courses that are available. Whether you offer education on one language or several, it’s necessary to have a breakdown of each language and what students can expect when they enroll. You should go over course length, dates for beginning and completion, overall structure, etc. You may also want to include the international language exams that are involved such as the TOEIC for English and the DELE for Spanish.
3. Prices\"\"
Because there can be a disparity among language schools in terms of cost, it’s important to fill people in on pricing. Potential students will want to have a firm grasp on what they can expect to pay during a semester so there are no surprises. This should cover the cost for the course itself, books and other educational materials. If you offer housing and other amenities, then this should be included as well.
4. Accommodations
Many language schools are like traditional colleges and universities for the fact that they offer residential housing. If your school has this or something similar, you should include it in an accommodation section on your site. It’s important to also point out any other accommodations that are offered such as:

  • Wi-Fi or Internet access
  • Shared kitchen
  • Lounge areas
  • Study areas

These can influence a person’s choice as to whether or not they want to enroll into a particular school, so highlighting what your school offers can work to your advantage.

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