The Internet Has Changed Business Limitations – Including Your Language School Business

It happened not just overnight, but over the last decades and especially the last couple of years. The Internet has changed business limitations in massive ways. And the most important insight is: You do not have to be a big corporation to find and impress your customers and turning them into lifetime fans.

And I am not talking about the fact that a one-man-show can make a website look like it is a big company. It is the more the fact that small and mid-sized companies have better chances to reach specific groups of customers with special needs and requirements than big inflexible corporations who forgot to adapt to modern times.
Long gone are the times where you just could create a small static website with a few images and some generic business information and waiting for people to storm into your store or call your hotline ready to order products and services from you.
What this specifically means for Language Schools is pretty clear if you watch and analyze how students – no matter their age – use the Internet and digital media to acquire new skill sets such as learning a new language. The new key elements are interaction and interconnection.

People want to improve themselves but want to experience something that is worth to be shared with others on social media, something that will help them to be more recognized as an individual, both personally and professionally.

This is why understanding social media is extremely important in today’s online world. It is way more than just having a Facebook page and collecting likes.

It is crucial that you truly understand what different online channels mean for your language school business. What are the differences between paid traffic and “organic” ranking strategies?

Why is content on social media not automatically distributed to all of your fans that liked you?

Why are search engines so important and how people actually tell you based on their keywords they type in a Google or Bing search box if they are ready to buy and book a language course with you at this very minute?

In the year 2018/2019 and beyond it is an open secret that successful Internet marketing cannot be reduced to showing up as number one for a search term (also known as SEO, search engine optimization).

In fact, very often this is in most cases no longer possible, because every Internet user gets personally tailored search results. If you expect to be number one as “Language School in INSERT HOMETOWN HERE” you will be surprised that someone will see you in position 3, while another student doing an online research will have you in position 10 based on their searches and preferences in the past.

Coming back to the key insight #1: the Internet has changed business limitations. What it means for you as mid-sized or smaller language school is, that you can simply win the game against big companies if you KNOW and UNDERSTAND Internet marketing strategies those bigger companies are still falling behind.