Language School Directory Strategies: How To Be Found Faster

There is a way for your language school to be found faster by potential language students online using language school directory strategies. It is not a new undiscovered trick but rather something overlooked by language school business owners that do not understand how authority ranking in Google works.

When it comes to being listed in language school directories a lot of language business owners answer way to fast “but we already have our own website, why would I pay to be listed on someone else’s site”? And while the obvious logic here is contrary what you might believe, it is highly important that you understand how to get ranked highly in the search engines, prominently in Google.

In order to be found on top of search engines, they apply smart and ever-changing algorithms that analyze the popularity and relevance of your language school business based on many factors. While some of the factors may include how often you are regularly mentioned on social media and how much time visitors spend on your website (yes, Google measures that!), one of the all-important factors is being an authority.

What does authority mean? It means how influential and how important your website is for any given keyword and industry. The way to measure this in numbers is not that complicated. The more website link to your website, the more important your website seems to be. But be aware that this overly simplified rule got more and more sophisticated over the last years.

It is not enough to get some “link exchanges” going that were popular a decade ago and working well back then, in fact linking back and forth from website is now considered spam and will actually get your website delisted from search engines or at least punished so you won’t show up on the first result pages.

So true authority of your website is based on high-quality relevant websites that link back to you based on YOUR website providing relevant important content in regards to your industry and keywords you want to rank for.

The best way to achieve this is to create unique compelling and entertaining content for your customers that people love so much, that they naturally share it with others on their own, without any incentives.

Most language schools don’t have any copywriters on staff that are able to pull this off on an ongoing regular base – but we at have a specialized service that you want to consider that will help you to have a never-ending stream of unique compelling blog content for language schools.

Without any decent unique and interesting content, nobody will be interested in linking to your language school website. Of course you can use paid advertising for others to link to you – and in fact, there are smart solutions like that act as a language school directory in a new modern way that can benefit your language school long-term.

The important insight is that you need to find and use language school directories online that already have a high authority – because they are already listed highly in the search engines! – and get on their sites first. Before you own language school gains in authority you need to add yourself on as many websites as possible that are relevant to your own industry – then you will benefit in your own ranking in the search engines over time. This is a long-term strategy of course. 

One language school directory you have never thought of is actually a website that has a high authority with travelers in the first place and not so much with language training in the first place: Tripadvisor – The Overlooked Ally For Your Language School

Want to learn more about another language school directory that will help benefit your business?