Lang School Advertising

Language School Advertising: Areas To Consider

When it comes to language school advertising many say that the best publicity for your school is word of mouth and students sharing their success experiences. While this might be true, you need to start somewhere first in order to attract those students in the first place. Today we will look at different aspects of language school advertising for you to consider.

Language school advertising is never a free task, no matter if you are using paid advertising options such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads or other paid traffic strategies such as advertising on as a social media network for language schools.

Many language schools depend on free advertising that depends on volunteer work from people that travel to your city and want to help your school for free in exchange for language lessons – this might be an interesting option to add to your language school advertising mix, but it comes with a cost, too. Mainly with a lot of time and manpower invested that – if you do not apply with the right strategies will result in little or no results in regards to attracting paying language students.

Here are some of the areas where you want to consider to expand your language school advertising:

1. Offline language school advertising
The best way to get people over to your school is to open your doors and provide a day with free activities where people can experience your environment and where you can offer them to sign up for mini-classes and take part in winning prices for example. The key is that you provide enough stimulation that people want to leave their contact details with you. The best qualifier for new potential students if you offer prepaid discounted language offers that are NOT available online anywhere and that people only can get when they physically come to your event. These offline events could also take place in popular community settings like community colleges.

2. Online language school advertising
Please consider your online marketing activities carefully, because they both cost you a lot of money and time even if you choose to use methods that are “for free” (postings on message boards, free ads in different online media). The time you sink into those online activities could be massive. So, in the end, the most income-producing activities are those that can be automated and scaled. This is most of the case something in the area of paid traffic in form of Google Ads or leads generation activities.

3. Social media language school advertising
Social media is very important for creating a compelling image about your language school. It is done best with influencers, students that have been studying with you and that have a large following on their social media such as Instagram and others. One idea is to provide a mini-course with a group of influencers and giving them free language training in exchange for posting their experiences with their followers. Social media is a very fragile thing and there are also paid options like Facebook ads – but those ads need to be treated with care and knowledge how social media works. You can’t place direct ads selling products and services straight. You are more likely to succeed if you offer entertaining language videos youtube-style or little fun language articles like “Did you know why this word is so difficult to remember?” – and the always favorite: short fun language tests that rather feel like you are playing a game.

4. Paid Traffic language school advertising
The only predictable way to generate sales that can be calculated in advance is with paid traffic. Like Google Ads where you target specific keywords and once you find a source of students you can then add funds to your advertising campaigns and should be able to forecast additional incoming sales. This is something that requires experience and is not as easy as some of the marketing providers (Google itself for example) make it look like. You probably would use someone already experienced in this. (Hint: people say us at are really good at this.)

5. Email Newsletter language school advertising
This is one of the essential marketing strategies for your language school. Generate a list (or better multiple lists) of potential students and provide them with ongoing helpful and valuable content that makes them curious on how they could learn a language faster and better – using your school services. This is a long-term strategy and not a quick-fix but the most lasting and trust-creating marketing system that exists.

The essential key insight for any language school advertising that you do is that you need to track the performance. Maybe you are aware of the Pareto principle that states that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your activities and this is true for advertising activities as well.

You need to know which of your advertising activities brings back the most paying students. An important way to track is to use email marketing as a way to know how your potential students found you in the first place. If you gather email contacts and build an email list, you are able to understand what made those students come to you in the first place.

Since all language school advertising activities take more or less time it is worth to consider if you would like to take a marketing shortcut in form of using specific lead-generation-services like ours at where you can save both time and money and get custom made generated leads on demand.