It might sound offensive to some people, but it is actually a fact that many if not the majority of language school owners are clueless when it comes to one thing that is the most important for finding new language school students: keywords.

Language school owners are clueless to keywords because most of them do not know what their potential school students are searching for. You might think “best school in yourtown”, “best language schools”, “learn Spanish in yourtown” might be the best choice. But you might be totally wrong and might overlook some of the best keyword combinations.
The key to finding profitable keywords for language schools that you did not know and have not thought about comes down to one important element: research. The only way to know what potential language school students are searching for is to stop guessing and analyzing what your students are REALLY searching for.
Did you know what the 70% of all keyword searches are accounted for? It is not the generic search terms that we just mentioned above.
The majority of keywords people are searching for are actually longer than a regular keyword. They are more specific and are more descriptive and more targeted.
They are also those keywords that have much lower competition and can be ranked for much easier and faster.
So instead of using something like “best language school yourtown” which is way too generic you would be surprised how many searches are there for “language school for international students in yourtown” or “language school for adults in yourtown”.
The key is to have insights what people are really searching for and then offering them a specific blog post or page explaining the benefits of your school for that exact audience.
For many years I am using a keyword tool for my language school clients that you can also use for yourself now.

If your current language school budget does not allow to book our exclusive SEO optimization services from, I am happy to share that this tool can be used totally independent of our services and is ideal for language schools that are on a tighter budget.
Here is the secret I am only sharing with selected people and the exclusive members of this language school newsletter and my blog readers.

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