After understanding the crucial role of having a mailing list, the next thing that you need to know is how you can start building one for your business. First and foremost, there are two things that you must have: a business website and an autoresponder platform.

Every business – big and small – must have a website. It’s essential.

Creating a business website is a no-brainer, although some startups and established ones are just building their business sites. WordPress is the most famous free website-building platform on the planet, and almost everyone can create their websites, whether it’s for personal or business use.

It performs like a business structure for your enterprise with pages and various designs and templates that you can customize. If you wanted a bit different, you could encode or use the provided free themes to make your business website look out of the ordinary. For file storing, you will need to have a hosting account. Beyond that, it’s ultimately a free tool and unendingly robust. Above all, it can flawlessly collaborate with the primary autoresponders platform and other compatible software that you can use at your disposal.

Mailing Lists’ Must-Haves: Autoresponder

Autoresponder is software that works like an email address collector, which at the same time, can handle the different messages that you wanted to send to your lists. It’s a task that you cannot basically do without if you’re managing a huge mailing list. By doing so, you are saving the recipient from getting bulk and spammy emails that can be overwhelming in the long run.

Picture this scenario. You have more than 1,000 mailing list of subscribers to manage and respond to each of them manually. See, new audiences will be signing in, whereas old viewers are sometimes leaving. What does this mean? That moment you started responding to unsubscribing requests then deleting them from your list can eventually become a daily routine.

With an autoresponder, you no longer have to go through all the hassle because it is designed to do all the works for you. But wait, there’s more! They can also do a number of diverse functions that can be essential in your marketing strategies. It can determine who is more responsive and engaging amongst your list, which can also become a buying customer. It can also tell whether your messages have been viewed or not. An autoresponder will collect your emails and can establish an opt-in form for you. It is the form used by your viewers and visitor to sign up and where they leave the details required.

If you notice, most of the autoresponders offer a simple editable field where you can pick the details you need, like name, email address, age, and other information. Then you will be provided with a snippet containing a code you’ll be adding to your website, which will appear right away on your page.

Every time someone signs up, their email address will instantly be added to your mailing list. What’s next is to lead your audience to the page you wanted them to visit and eventually drive them to leave their personal information.

Identifying The Right Autoresponder

Autoresponders have a lot of attractive options for you to pick the right platform that will work well with you.
Let’s begin:
GetResponse (
GetResponse is a tool that concentrates more on the autoresponder sequences. It is indeed a professional-grade program that provides full control in automating responses and scheduling emails to your lists.

Aweber (
As you all know, Aweber is the most sought out email autoresponder in the market and is highly demanded by many enterprises – big and small. It poses as an excellent tool for all the features that you are looking for in an autoresponder.

MailChimp (
Maybe you have seen this flashing on online ads. MailChimp is one of the tools that is chosen by small enterprises and startups. It’s a bit more interactive and affordable at the same time. Though some features are missing compared to other similar programs, MailChimp is still a great beginner tool.

Drip (
Drip has just recently joined the parade as it becomes more popular amongst large blogs and online publishers and businesses. It holds all the characteristics you are looking for in an autoresponder and fits enough to build various campaigns, advertising, and broadcasts. Plus, data recording and analytics are incorporated, respectively.

Notwithstanding that these applications could be the best options for you, there is a fee involved to enjoy the perks that it offers. GetReponse alone will ask you to purchase its basic package for $15/month, yet to have 1,000 subscribers only. The more subscribers you want, the greater the value. Therefore, you seriously have to think about it.

Now, if you are looking for a free-generating tool, the following options might suit you:

i-Autoresponder (
At a glance, this free autoresponder’s aesthetic features may not be that appealing to you, but if you prefer a free tool that has been doing its job in the market for quite a long time now, this is the one for you. It’s perfect if you are just exploring and starting-out. Treat it as an avenue for you to practice how it works until you prefer to use a more robust program in the future.

SendinBlue (
For email marketers, SendinBlue is something they used often. It’s packed with features and is quite generous with its offers despite being a free tool. Of course, if you wanted to a bit leveled up your subscription, you may have to pay a certain amount for it. Also, since it’s free, it is limited to 300 emails per only with the free version.

Cakemail (
Designed for small businesses and startups. It is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Other Uses Of Autoresponders

In order to build your list even better, there are other marketing opportunities that you can take advantage of.

“Thank You” Messages
Basically, you can set up various kinds of thank you messages in an autoresponder as an automated message. It will automatically be sent to your consumers right after making a purchase or even when they joined your email list. This move can guarantee that your engagement will increase and send an impression to your viewers and audiences how you appreciate their business support. A simple “thank you” message can do wonders.

Online Courses
You can also try with an autoresponder to create an email course that can send mixed messages that contain a specific “lesson.” It can help catch your visitors’ attention, and if the lesson or course interests them, they will look forward to every email message coming from you.

Schedule Messages
This feature is considered the core function of an autoresponder which makes online entrepreneur loves this tool. The ability to schedule and decide when to send messages takes so much off your pile of tasks. After establishing your message and setting them up an autoresponder, you can freely choose when your lists receive your message. You can even set it for months or even until the following year. Create messages or courses now and schedule them, and voila! There’s nothing to worry about anything regarding your email sending.
Other autoresponder uses are:

–         Strings
–         Follow Up Messages
–         Sequence and Sales Funnel

Lead Management

If anyone doesn’t open any of your emails at all, then the chances that they’re buying stuff from you are slim. Although you send a marketing message to that user, they may see this as spam and opt to unsubscribe—or stop. Open your messages in the future. They’re perfect for the industry’s future, and you can even get your autoresponder process to do this automatically until a user logs in.


Here are the takeaways when using an autoresponder:

  • You can easily send bulk emails and schedule them.
  • Utilize an easy way to collect data.
  • Boost your social media and website presence.

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