When you may be an investment in something like search engine optimization, you rightly expect to receive some return on that investment. In order to maximize this return, you should understand the time period in which you will receive it.

– First of all, you must understand the schedules of the major search engines.
Google and Bing have very similar schedules for updating their search engine results. They also have predictable schedules as to when new pages will be added to their rankings. Although the complexity of the algorithms is too much for a single article, there is one basic premise that will underlie all of your efforts. You should expect that your maximum search engine ranking will not occur until six months after you initially submit your website to the major search engines.
All three of the major search engines incorporate a time lag in choosing their search engine rankings. This is to prevent any fly-by-night websites from appearing in top listings without having proven themselves as truly helpful. So even if you follow the rules that are set (mostly by Google), you may not see that page one listing until six months down the road. This is not an excuse for you to try to circumvent the system with short-term tactics. Eventually, you will be caught and your website will be punished.
– Second, you can test your turnaround time with pay per click campaigns.
The major search engines run on money like any other business. The reason that you can obtain quicker results with a PPC campaign is that you are paying the search engines for your listing rather than relying on an organic methodology to take place. Advertisements are not as well received by consumers; however, the analytics that they generate can be used in order to create a more effective organic search engine optimization campaign.
From a pay per click campaign, you can increase your ROI on SEO by determining the best keywords to use. You can pinpoint your audience more readily. You will be able to see what they respond to directly. You will be able to organize your website so that your headline is immediately enticing to anyone who may visit.
Overall, do not expect quick results when you undertake a search engine optimization campaign. The discipline of search engine optimization is a long-term investment. Properly organized, it can pay off in spades in the future.

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