The biggest key for your website to be found on the “top of the search engines” is that search engines label you as an authority website for your industry and keywords and themes you are writing about.

This is the great thing about search engines in 2018 and beyond. They actually measure and know how much other people trust you and rank you based on their user behavior.
Of course, this is a big challenge for a website that was just created and has no history. If you would just start a new language school and have made a new online presence, Google and others would not know if you can be trusted and if what you have to offer is relevant to potential language students.
The easiest way to find out how good a website is is how long people stay on your website – as this is one of the most critical indicators for search engines. If website visitors quickly leave your website, this indicates that it does not provide the relevant information for language students.

This also shows why it is so essential to design a website correctly (try this website checklist). If people are confused and do not find what they are looking for within a few seconds, they will leave your website and will never come back based on a lousy user interface experience. Even if you have good content and helpful language information – it will never be seen.

If you have a language school website that has been around for many years, then Google and others, of course, have a history. You can see actually how many people visit your website, and if MORE people come to visit your website – as the trend for a website also indicates how useful and helpful a website is.

This is another reason why old school thinking hurts your business, things like “we created a website, and it is good enough, so we do not need to change it.” You might not have the time or the resources to weekly update your website. But in 2018 and beyond, your website is being judged on how up-to-date it is. If your competitors provide regular updates, including videos, interactive PDF downloads, quizzes, or other updated forms of content, don’t be surprised if their websites show up way ahead of yours.
Authority is the essential element on the Internet for your language school and it comes down to these very important aspects…

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