Most days, it feels like there is a new, trendy job opening posted on LinkedIn. If you’re still trying to find work after graduating college or university, wondering where to start your search for that perfect job can be overwhelming! Language School Marketing Manager jobs are usually a good choice if you have some experience in the education industry and speak multiple languages. But what does the work entail? And how do you find that perfect school?

First of all, it’s important to note that not all language school marketing manager positions are created equal. There are a wide variety of marketing jobs that fall under this umbrella term.

Where do you start?

Start by doing a thorough job search. Use the information provided in the job posting to understand what kind of role it is, what they’re looking for, and more details. If there’s a language requirement, make sure your resume is up to date with your language skills listed at the top. Also be sure to include any relevant experience you have when applying for jobs in this category.

Don’t limit yourself to the job board search engines. The best opportunities are often found on school websites, in local papers, and through industry-specific professional organizations.

What does a Language School Marketing Manager do?

A Language School Marketing Manager is responsible for setting the marketing strategy of a language school and making sure it’s implemented well by the staff at all different levels of the organization. Marketers work with teachers to create marketing materials and strategies, in addition to working with the administrative staff to get everything ready for accreditation audits, and creating media plans. There is a lot of attention given to different aspects of their job.

Marketing is a huge job that requires a variety of skills and qualities. Having an understanding of the education sector, especially in regards to marketing is essential for this role. An interest in languages is also important! Your ability to speak multiple languages as well as your passion for learning new ones will help you best connect with students.

What skills must you have?

Having a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, business, or communication may not be necessary but it certainly will give you an advantage. The job will require a lot of writing and editing as well as data analysis. Speaking multiple languages provides an extra edge for this job. But if you don’t speak any foreign languages fluently, don’t worry! There are language schools and programs out there that provide courses in English as a second language.

Where to start your search?

If you’re looking for jobs online, the first place to look is on LinkedIn. Start by searching for openings at schools that interest you. Then, visit the schools’ websites and LinkedIn accounts to see if there are open positions or job postings.

If you’re looking for work in a school that doesn’t have a job board, use LinkedIn to look at profiles of managers at schools with similar types of programs.

Once you find a language school that looks interesting, start applying for jobs through their website or on their job board. If there are no job openings, go ahead and be proactive. Send your cover letter and resume to the school’s human resources manager or executive director directly.

What you should include in your language school marketing letter?

In your cover letter, be sure to mention any other important skills you have that could benefit the school. For example, if you are a sales professional who speaks two foreign languages fluently, you should highlight that experience and your language skills when applying for this type of position. Also, include a link to your LinkedIn account so they can see more of your work history and skills too.

Use as much detail about you as possible because the school will want to know about your past employment, education, and experience. You don’t have to be formal in your letter; instead, it’s better if you tell them a little about yourself. They’re more likely to respond if they feel like they know you or that you’re a good fit for their school because of the personal touch.

When applying for jobs online, include as much detail about you in your resume as possible. Be sure to list your education, languages, experience, and a list of some of the tasks you performed at previous jobs. Even if you don’t have a lot of work experience yet, be sure to include that information on your resume or cover letter. The more honest and detailed you are with information about yourself, the better potential employers will be able to gauge if hiring you is a good fit for them.

What are some other tips?

When applying for a job online, always send the original copy of your resume. Never use an applicant tracking service to post your resume as that will just generate a generic version that has no unique qualities about you as an individual. When applying through a website on the school’s website, be sure to do it directly.

Don’t ever send your resume unsolicited. It’s better to have a professional approach to the school by emailing them with a pitch about yourself. If a school is open to new candidates and they want to see additional work from you, they will contact you directly.

Make sure that your cover letter and resume are short and concise! The schools will want plenty of detail so that they can see what skills they might need for their marketing department or school’s own job board, list all relevant experience in your cover letter and in the body of your cover letter. In the body of your cover letter, you can also include some sample work you have done.

In conclusion:

There are many ways for language school employees to market their jobs to potential candidates! It’s important to be proactive and do as much research as possible before applying for a job, especially if you’re especially passionate about a specific type of school. Relocating to another country can be challenging, but it’s certainly something that excites language learners who wish to help others learn languages too.

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