The Most Important Tips on How to Get on Top of Google’s Search

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be on top of Google. But that is not exactly an easy task. The competition is huge and what is important for you to realize is how Google ranks number one on their search. Ask yourself – why do people want to be number one on Google? Well, most people always click the first link they see. So, if you own a language school in Spain and you want people to find your school, the easiest way for people to find it is Google, and the best way for you to get new students is to be the first on Google search.
Now let’s talk about how to actually be the first. What you need to realize is that there is no magic formula to be the first on Google and if there were, everybody would do it, which in the end means that it essentially wouldn’t work. What Google wants is to show the best content first. But what determines what the best content is? It doesn’t have to be the longest content or the content coming from the most reliable or well-known source. One of the most important things Google looks for is how long someone is viewing your page, i.e. if people stay on it for a longer period of time. That usually means that they’re interested and that they have actually found what they were looking for.
Keywords are also very important, but you need to realize that only one website can be the first for one keyword. Another thing to note is that Google ranks webpages and not websites. Although people usually forget it, there is actually a big difference. Google results display specific webpages and not just a website’s homepage in response to each keyword searched for.
Another way to increase your position on Google is to use backlinks. What are backlinks? These are links that other websites use to point to your website. The more people point to your website, the higher your rank will be. The problem with this is that many companies are using fake websites to increase their position on Google and Google is constantly on the lookout for such behavior and punishes the ones that are using such methods.
Overall, the best way to ensure that you are the number one or at least in the top 3 is to have the best content. What you can do is to search for the keyword you are interested in. So, let’s say you own a language school, and what you should do is to search for it on Google and then see what the top 10 results are. Then, compare them to what you want and try to make better content than others have. As stated before, there is no magic way to get on top of Google. There is just quality content that makes people stay as long as possible, together with longer posts with interesting pictures that will make people look at the pictures and read the text. Use good quality, trending keywords that you can find on Google Trends.
These are just some of the most important tips that you can implement when creating your own webpage. There are many SEO or Search Engine Optimize companies that usually tell you that they can rank you up in Google, but they pretty much know the same things stated in this article. Provide valuable information and quality content, use good keywords and most importantly, be patient.

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