It is a funny thing how it works: if someone wants to learn a language they would rather like to have a native speaker teaching them and – which is of course one of the most successful language school business models these days – even better: plan and travel to the country and dream destination where they speak that language and then learn it there directly in an intense and culturally rich environment.

However, when it comes to Internet marketing and how to create, maintain and position your own websites for your language school business many think that they can hire and ask anyone who has been online for a couple of months to ask them for their advice and… think in the end “I could do this all on my own”.
And they would be wrong. Only that it will take them a few weeks and months to realize that some of the mistakes they did are almost permanently visible on the Internet.
No matter in cached Internet archives or domains that are blacklisted and no longer show on search results because important SEO rules and public Google methods have been violated.
While you can take down and theoretically “delete” old websites and content that was out there, it is impossible to manipulate and delete third-parties websites and re-published and re-blogged opinions and screenshots about your business.
It might take years to clean up a mess and restore and fix an Internet reputation gone wrong because for example one customer out of 125 language students that did complain about your language school somehow ended up on the FIRST SEARCH engine result – and none of the good excited language student reviews are being shown.

Publishing and maintaining a business website that shows great authority and communicates in a professional way using social media signals and makes the most out of reviewing websites such as Tripadvisor (or something like our own language school style Tripadvisor social media site), is something that needs to be handled by professionals that know Internet marketing from the inside.
Often here at I sometimes get contacted by language schools when it is “almost too late” to fix things and it would be just easier to just start from scratch, renaming your company and starting from zero.

Because frankly, often it is not possible to just close and rename a running business, but very often the mechanisms of the Internet can’t be stopped just like that.
So before you run into this dilemma it is smart advice to actually get an analysis of your current language school business to see if there are already potential problems right there that prevent you from having the success that you actually expect.
Our language marketing service is designed to offer you both instant lead generation for getting new eager language school candidates as well offering you high-quality content and design options to make your current website run and convert much better than you think it actually does.

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