Do Not Use Generic Business Sites for Niche Business
In order to understand the marketing techniques that will work for your business, you must understand what kind of business it is that you are operating. This article will relate specifically to the language teaching business and the marketing techniques that will and will not work for it.
The Type of Business That You Run
Language teaching is considered a niche business because the demand for it is very high within a certain community only. This community is not likely to use generic business websites such as Craigslist in order to find the teacher that is best suited for their needs.
What Craigslist Is Meant for
Craigslist is a generic business website that is used to find employees for more wide-open markets and jobs. These jobs are usually low-paying and unskilled labor that anyone can do.
Why Language Teaching and Craigslist Do Not Match
Marketing your language teaching business on Craigslist is one of the fastest ways to get overlooked by the people who would actually hire you. The people who are looking on Craigslist are not looking for people with teaching credentials – they will go to specialized websites that are more tailored to the needs of that particular audience in order to find them.
The pricing for businesses on Craigslist is also incompatible with your business. As a skilled worker, you have already become overqualified for the entire website. People on Craigslist are looking for low-priced labor. Even if you did find someone who was willing to hire you, they likely would not have the money that would make it worth your time.

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