With SEO becoming the new online marketing norm, every entrepreneur has their inbox riddled with emails claiming to offer “affordable, overnight SEO results”. New businesses tend to take the bait because of the promise of low cost and quick results. However, you should never use cheap and outsourced SEO for your business because of the following reasons –

Google Penalty

Mass Link Building – Cheap SEO providers use mass link building to create an SEO base for your website. The links are of low quality and often, they are full of spam sources.
Low-Quality Links – Various online tools and software programs promise such links at an extremely low cost.
Quantity over Quality – Because cheap and low-quality SEO providers don’t understand the basics of SEO, they think that the number of links are more important than the quality itself which is wrong.
Black Hat SEO – All these accumulated factors come under ‘black hat SEO techniques” and could result in a Google penalty in future.

Badly Spun Content

Low-Quality Content – Most SEO experts stress the fact that website content comes first and SEO comes later. If the content is good, the SEO will be easier to manage. Cheap SEO providers don’t take notice of this fact.
Spun Content – The grammar and quality of the content is extremely low. It is often spun from existing online sources and then collated into garbled text using software programs that make it look like new content.
Bad Business Image – Such content is a huge turn-off when consumers and future clients take a look at your website. It would be representative of your business.

Catastrophic Language Barriers

Lag in Communication – There is often a severe lag in communication with such SEO providers because they are based overseas. As such, there is a lot of time wastage involved in even exchanging simple instructions back and forth.
Miscommunication – Often, the instructions can seem unclear because of the language and communication barrier. This can have catastrophic consequences for your business.
Reparations Cost Twice As Much – By trying to save money by going for cheap and outsourced SEO providers, many businesses have to shell out twice as much to sort out the mess created by bad SEO.

No Knowledge of Company

No Homework – Because cheap and outsourced SEO providers are more focussed on the short term results, they do not do any homework about what your company is all about. They don’t take time to find out about your products, services, vision, clientele, style, and other important things.
Unsuccessful Results – Because the cheap SEO providers don’t know the company, they end up making the wrong decisions which lead to unsuccessful results in the short and long term.

No Long Term Goals

Lack of Strategy – There is no strategy in these cheap, outsourced service providers because their main motive is showing you a quick snapshot of overnight success. Afterward, you are left to clean up the mess because of this lack of strategy.
No Long Term Plans – These businesses have a short time frame and by the time their services are discontinued, they already have a new client.
Thus, you should avoid cheap and outsourced SEO providers at all cost. It is always better to spend some money in the beginning and reap the benefits of quality SEO for a long time.

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