You’ve invested more than you care to admit in graphics, design, and user interface. Your team produces engaging content, releasing blogs and videos on a regular basis. You’re throwing everything you’ve got at pay-per-click marketing. But you’re online business is nowhere near where it should be. In fact, all of that investment is quickly becoming a financial drain. Why?
No matter how well produced a site is, it is very nearly impossible to have real success without using analytics software. Here are three simple reasons you need to start using analytics software today.

1. Know Where your traffic is coming from.

Take a business owner investing in three different advertising platforms. After spending several thousand dollars in monthly fees, he has seen a 25% increase in business. Great news, right? Unfortunately, he doesn’t use any analytics software to analyze his web traffic. If he did, he would know that 95% of his increased traffic is coming from just one of those advertising platforms. The heavy hitter is also the lease expensive of the three. If this businessman was using analytics, he’d be able to save himself thousands.

2. Learn where you can improve your site.

Your site may have incredible content that you know grabs the attention of would-be customers. But is your potential business getting to that content? By using analytics software, you can gain in-depth knowledge of user behavior on your site. Are visitors making it past the front page to all of that great content? Is your call to action getting thousands of clicks, but losing users on the form completion? Do you have video content that instantly turns people away? Analytics software will tell you all of this, and allow you to target future investment into improving the site the right way.

3. Choose where to target your advertising in the future.

Once you’ve begun using analytics software, and improved your site according to traffic, you’re ripe to run incredibly successful advertising campaigns. With the results of your analytics research, you’ll know who is coming to your site, what keywords to target, and what pages to direct visitors too. This adds up to no more lost dollars on advertising that doesn’t get results.
Head out and purchase analytics software, and start analyzing your site traffic today. You won’t regret it.

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