5 Powerful Language School Marketing Ideas

When it comes to marketing, you have many choices. You can spend a lot of time and money on advertising campaigns that are typically only seen by people who are looking for language schools in the first place. Some of these ideas will be a little more work than others, but not one of them requires any extra money to get started. In fact, you might actually save some money while also improving your marketing! Let’s take a look at the top five powerful language school marketing ideas that can help build your business so it stands out from other schools in your area and beyond!

I. Write a Guest Post for Other Websites

Guest blogging is one of the most popular ways to get your business or brand in front of a new audience. If you are not familiar with guest posting, it’s where someone writes an article about something they know well for another website. This can be anything from travel tips to marketing advice, but many webmasters will only accept articles if their topic relates somehow back to the site itself. So it’s important that when writing these posts that you don’t mention too much about yourself and focus more on creating unique content that adds value to the reader’s life business rather than just promoting your own product or service.

Many companies offer guest posting services these days but they come at a premium price. who wants to spend their hard earned money on written content that may not even be read? The best way to get your name out there is by writing guest posts for other websites with good traffic. This will give you instant exposure and introduce new readers who are already interested in the topics that you write about. Many webmasters also offer backlinking services where they post a link at the end of your article directing people towards your website, which can increase search engine visibility too.

II. Promote on Social Media or Forums/Message Boards

Social media is a great way to engage with your current customers and potential ones as well. If you are familiar with networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn then it should be easy for you to promote your language school here. It’s important that when promoting on social networks like these that you don’t spam everyone who follows/friends/connects with you by asking them to visit your site over and over again (everyone hates this). You also want to make sure that the content and information shared on these accounts reflect positively upon yourself and your business; nobody likes a company shill! The best strategy I have found for using social media is posting valuable links about things related to my industry which provide insight into how people can improve their business or life.

There are many other social media sites that you can use to promote your language school, but I would recommend using these ones in particular because everyone is on them and they tend to get the most interactions. You should also consider posting promotional messages once in a while too (as long as it’s not overbearing). But no matter what strategies you decide to use for promoting online, just remember that the key here is engaging with people rather than blasting out sales pitches every chance you get!

III. Make Your Own YouTube Videos with Screen Capture Software (no production costs)

If you’ve ever tried to make your own videos before, then you know how time consuming and expensive they can be. But by using screen capture software like Camtasia Studio (it retails for $299 but is well worth it) or Jing (which is free), anyone with a computer can produce high-quality video content that looks just as good if not better than most TV commercials! This type of video marketing has the capability to reach more people than any other form of online promotion because YouTube itself has over one billion unique users each month, so there’s no denying the power behind this strategy. Of course having professional camera equipment will also help improve production quality, but even without these tools producing compelling videos isn’t nearly as hard as you think.

IV. Start Writing a Bi-Monthly Blog Post on Your Language School’s Website That Highlights One of your Employees or Customers and Their Success Stories

One of the best ways to attract new business and increase your search engine rankings is by writing posts for your language school’s blog. When you write these posts that you don’t mention too much about yourself and focus more on creating unique content that adds value to the reader’s life/business rather than just promoting your own product or service, it will come across as authentic which in turn will boost customer engagement levels significantly with almost no extra effort. Blogging can also help generate leads when done correctly because most people are searching online looking for answers right now – if they run into a post written by someone at their target company then chances are they’ll be interested enough to follow up! It doesn’t matter what type of information you choose to write about or how often you publish, just remember to never promote yourself too much and always add value.

V. Increase Brand Awareness by Getting More People to Like Your Language School’s Facebook Page (and Post Promotional Content Here from Time-to-Time)

Most people are on social media these days, so keeping up with current trends is essential for any business trying to succeed online – especially if you own a language school because this industry has seen tremendous growth during recent years! As long as your content is value oriented rather than promotional then there should be no problem posting it across Facebook; but make sure that at least 75% of what you send out here comes off as educational in nature since status updates about your services/products will only get lost within all those other posts which is why using the Facebook group approach mentioned above might be a better option.

Write Reviews on Yelp or Google+ about the Language School in Your Area/City Because People Trust Their Friends More than Advertisements

Every business owner should know by now that providing high quality customer service is essential if they want their customers to keep coming back; but did you also realize that these same people will often take time out of their day to help promote your company when given the chance? This type of organic marketing through word-of-mouth referrals (or “brand evangelism”) has been shown over and over again within countless studies conducted throughout recent years to be the most effective type of promotion; and what’s even better is that you can take advantage of this by encouraging your past customers to leave reviews on popular websites like Yelp or Google+.

Everyone trusts their friends more than they trust advertisements, so why not have them write a few sentences about how great it was doing business with your company? This will help establish thought leadership within your industry while also driving traffic towards your website without costing you anything.