Your website is professionally designed and your portfolio is full of great works, but the problem is, it just sits there, in a blurry corner of the internet, quietly ignored. Taking a website from nothing to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month is not easy, but it’s eminently possible.
The general belief is that the online world is an attention economy. Bear in mind that attention is scarce. Wanting people to pay attention to you means you should earn it. You can’t expect your work to speak for itself.
There are many ways to actually maximize your efforts and attract more visitors to your website. Below are three of these.
Use social media. With so many social platforms on the go these days, there’s no question that they indeed give considerable contributions to your lead-building effort. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc. offer so many convenient options to bring your website closer to your following. For example, you can promote your Facebook page by paying some advertisements that Facebook will distribute to your preferred audiences who will most likely follow your link. Twitter has the so-called “website card,” where you can place a campaign Tweet that contains a link to your content. You can, of course, choose how long your campaign runs.
Offer some ‘freebies’ occasionally. One of the many ways to attract people is by letting them grab the chance of being given something for free. If you are a business selling apparel, for example, you can make use of some chosen products to gain attention from the online world. You can make them visit your site by initiating a contest. Take advantage of the spreadability of online content by giving away something precious to encourage people to share it. By setting the right criteria, you will be able to have full control over this strategy. Remember to get the best out of it while it stands out on the internet.
Make a blog for your business website. Blogging has, in fact, become more and more prominent today. It has been considered by hundreds of business owners because of its lead-generation faculty. Indeed, you can attract more site visitors if you have such a section on your website. It is an effective way to get yourself on the radar of the online users you want to reach. Write about your business’ core interests or even outsource such work, and you will surely land hundreds of new subscribers with every output you make.
Do not spoon-feed everything. Leave some substantial and impressive mystery to your customers. Do not expose everything when posting a positively driving content on your social networking platforms. Let your audience desire for an answer themselves and end up roaming around your website for that. This is one way of generating traffic for your website. By withholding something exciting at times, you’ll attract more minds who will find their ways to reach your site. Hence, it is necessary to understand how dissemination influences your lead-establishing plans.
You need to accept that marketing is part of your job, just as much as creating.
These inspiring ways, of course, require time, effort, and persistence. As your blog attracts links and subscribers, as your free content gets into circulation, and as you get known as a rising star in your circle, you’ll find yourself bringing together more and more new visitors for every idea you spend on marketing.
In the end, being able to learn what your target visitors want to see or hear makes a big difference in welcoming them in your spot.

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