The Mobile Phone Paradigm Change

Some businesses believe that if they only could be found in Number #1 positions in the search engines, they would get more customers and could improve their revenue practically overnight.

And based on the two strategies to be found online that we just discussed – paid SEM positions and natural, organic ranked SEO positions – the race to be found as number one online is an expensive and a time-intense work challenge. One important element is that you need to be clear about for what kind of keywords your language school needs to be found and this is being discussed in the article “Language School Owners are Clueless About These Keywords” here at

The most important insight you need to have as a business owner is that in 2018 and beyond the search results people get are highly personalized and that the behavior how people search for information has dramatically changed and switched over to mobile phones. Now more people search and use their mobile phones than any other forms of electronic devices. And this mobile phone usage caused a paradigm change on how people look at search results.

In the past, it was important to be listed right on top of search engines, as with traditional computers with big screens you had a list of 10 to 15 results when you type in something like “Learn Spanish in INSERT_YOUR_TOWN_HERE”. Now with people using smartphones and mobile phones the behavior completely changed and people now instantly scroll through search results. This means that if your company is ONLY shown as a number 1 position that it is only seen for a few seconds and while people scroll down the first entries on a result page disappear quickly and the companies that are shown in later positions get all the attention instead.

This is important to understand because if you pay for ads, Google and other companies make sure that even if people scroll down that your paid ads are still even shown, as they are not just visible in one block “on top” but throughout someone’s information stream.

If you do not pay for ads and rely on the organic – “free” – search engine listings this is even more important to understand that you need to have several listings in the search engines. It is not enough to have one listing to your language school, but if a user is searching for relevant information the most impact you can have on possible students and customers is that they find several entries on a search keyword they have entered.

How can this be achieved? What does the mobile phone paradigm mean and how can you apply it to your language school business?

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