The Benefits Of Regularly Posting New Content On Your Blog

A few years ago, Content is King was a popular catchphrase among SEO and web design experts. But even before Google popularised this phrase, Bill Gates already beat the company to the punch: in 1996, he included this term in a ground-breaking he wrote.

If you are a business or website owner and put a lot of stock in this principle and work hard on creating posts that are genuinely informative and unique, you may still be lacking on one crucial part: consistently publishing new articles on your blog. This means that you may be spending too much time coming up with excellent content that you are not posting enough new content as much as necessary.

Why It’s Important To Update Your Blog Regularly

Your blog and website will enjoy several benefits when you frequently publish new content. First and foremost, fresh content always drives in new visitors. Loyal readers will always return to check out your blog habitually as well if you always publish recent posts. This will become a chain that will really be useful for your SEO and marketing campaigns.

Second, by continually updating your blog, you will successfully grow the volume of content on your blog quicker, which search engines will notice. And in the long run, this will help improve your search engine ranking.

Lastly, by prioritizing this task, you will increase the likelihood of getting more visitors sharing your content with other people or linking to it from their blog and social media posts, which will help grow your audience faster.

How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

Posting new content daily is, of course, simply overkill. You’ll end up publishing content that is redundant and not well-thought of. And who has the time to come up with fresh, relevant, engaging, and informative articles every day, anyway?

SEO and content marketing specialists agree that if you have just started your blog, publishing new posts at least three or four times a week is highly recommended. Once you have gathered a fair amount of readership and it is steadily growing, you can reduce your posts to once or twice a week.

While there really is no final number of articles you should publish on your blog each week, the bottom line is simple: don’t be lazy with writing and posting new content. Although this may be a lot of hard work, the ROIs you will gain can be numerous as well.