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    SEO Audit


    Our SEO audit service will help you to identify and address any weak points in your website’s on-page SEO. We provide detailed optimization advice and recommendations.

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    $50.00 / month

    Promoting your language school on presents an economical means of reaching out to potential students, in contrast to paid advertisements on Google Ads. We also embellish the destination page with images to provide comprehensive insights into your offering.

  • SEO Copywriting


    Through our web copywriting services, you can ensure that your website has compelling content that will reach your target customers and bring more visitors to your site.

    Our services include:

    • Course Pages – Our experienced writers can create content for your course pages that is both informative and engaging.
    • Program Pages – We specialize in creating program pages that feature comprehensive descriptions of the different language education programs offered by your school.
    • About Us Page – Let us help you craft an about page that accurately portrays the unique personality of your language school.

    We offer professional web copywriting services tailored to meet the needs of any language education business. For blog article visit the blogging services page.

  • Video Production


    Our range of video production and optimization services is unparalleled, including:

    • Branding Videos – We can create informative videos that highlight the unique features of your language school.
    • Course Promotions – Our experienced professionals can help you promote different language courses through custom-made videos.
    • Program Highlights – Showcase the unique programs offered by your school with an engaging and informative video.
    • Location Videos – We can create location-based videos that accurately portray the area surrounding your language school.
    • YouTube video creation – Allow us to assist you in creating captivating YouTube videos that will not only engage your target audience, but also induce conversions. We can take content from your blog and transform it into video format with ease.

    Would you like to expand your reach and grow a larger audience? If so, we can provide the perfect solutions for any language education business. Our professional video production and optimization services are tailored precisely to meet your needs.

  • Guest Posting


    Our guest post services provide an SEO boost through top-notch content on external blogs and quality backlinks. Our team of experts creates a custom strategy for every client, implementing proven white hat techniques that abide by search engine guidelines. Partner with us for a stress-free experience and reap the real results!

  • Website Optimization


    Website optimization is essential for any language school website. It starts with optimizing the text on your pages, such as making sure it contains relevant keywords that potential students may be searching for. You can also make sure your meta tags accurately reflect the content of the page and help search engine crawlers to know what your page is about.

    Our optimization includes :

    • Structuring the website for search engine optimization
    • optimizing your content and description and title tags
    • optimizing images, creating internal and external links
    • tracking visitor data through analytics
  • Blog Content


    Our talented team of writers is here to craft exceptional blog posts that meet your specific needs. By harnessing the synergy between human expertise and ChatGPT, our results are guaranteed impeccable – all at an unbeatable price!

    Articles can range from 500 words up to 3000 words in length; optimized for SEO with images included – ultimately making sure your language school reaches a higher level of popularity and reliability.

  • Keywords Research


    Our Keyword Research Service can help you with your SEO campaign. We look at how often people search for certain words, how hard it is to rank for them, how much it costs to advertise on Google and what people are looking for when they search. We will give you a report with useful information and advice about language education.

    Our package includes:

    • Up to 100 high targeted Keywords
    • Search Intent
    • Keyword Difficulty
    • Search Volume
    • Google Ads CPC
    • Your Rank in Google