Humans are unarguably the most advanced organism on planet Earth, maybe even the entire universe. Several aspects of human life set us apart from other animals, making humans the most unique life form on our planet. Humans are very social and have complex social rules; other animals have social structures, but nothing quite as intricate as humans’ countless social systems, behaviors, and differentiating characteristics. People also have hands with opposable thumbs — combined with our great brains, our ancestors have invented, produced, and massively manufactured the cotton gin to quickly create clothing. Motor vehicles for efficient transport, video game systems for entertainment, and handheld computers called smartphones that feature the wealth of information search engines can lookup within seconds.
The most unique factor humans share is our ability to communicate through language and write it down. Writing doubles as a communicatory tool and a way to release stress, enjoy one’s self, work, practice, so future writing appears more intelligent, and a wealth of other benefits. Inscribing written language on stones dates back to as early as 3100 BC. With the proliferation of computers that can easily access the Internet, many people have started writing blogs or websites featuring often-reoccurring textual entries in which writers share personal thoughts, experiences, and opinions.
Without further ado, let’s look into the best blogging networks for aspiring and established writers alike to join for free.
This website doubles as a blogosphere and content hosting site. Businesses without tall budgets often use WordPress to host their own company website. WordPress interfaces are easily customizable and free, making them one of the most potent, all-inclusive Internet-based content hosting interfaces on the web.
You can download WordPress and create, edit, and manage content on your computer or access it from a web browser. Bloggers can choose their own domain name, formatted as, with your chosen name — if it’s available, that is — replacing the capital letters. This blog-hosting, multi-functional, entirely-customizable extraordinaire of a website features several themes or backgrounds, and webpage layouts to choose from. Bloggers can fit content into several categories, which are customizable based on writers’ preferences for quick reference later. Users are also able to comment on their own and other blogs.
Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging networks to join after WordPress. Tumblr’s layout is readily customizable, allowing users to pick and choose their own structures, themes, and styles from pre-cut designs or create their own. Users can share pictures, videos, links to other sites, and — you guessed it — blogs. This site has 345 million blogs as of April 2017, having added 13 million blogs in the first quarter of 2017.
This blogging network is not the powerhouse it used to be several years ago but still remains as one of the most-user friendly and popular sites to blog on. Tumblr is ideal for beginners because it’s easy to customize, has a still-relatively popular user base, and is well known around the Internet.
Blogger is, behind Tumblr and WordPress, one of the best blogging networks to join in 2017. Google operates this network, with one of the critical benefits that Google provides is its content showing up near the top of search engine results for terms associated with or related to your blogs. As long as blog topics and content aren’t inappropriate, Google won’t suspend them, but they do have the option of blocking content that does not fit an appropriate image.
This network is ideal for beginners, as its content creation tools aren’t very complicated or difficult to understand.’s user-friendliness is not suitable for intermediate to expert blog content creators. However, aspiring bloggers hoping to generate good buzz around one’s content will find utility from Blogger because the content tends to garner higher search results than most other blogging sites online.
Final thoughts
These three blogging networks are among the best to try for beginners or those with tens of blog posts under their belt. Try out all three of them to see which ones meet your particular needs the best. Why wait to get started? Get your blog show on the road without hesitation, as these blogs are free to join and all user-friendly.

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