How to Attract Students with your Blog?

What makes the web go around is about creating useful content. When people look at your website and find quality content, that is how you turn them into your followers.

Social media strategy should focus on sharing content. You can post images and videos in your social media accounts, but also you may publish it on your own blog site, or website then share it on social media.

However, this technique would only work when the content you provide impacts and positively engages those who visit your website. So here’s now the question: how can you make sure this is the case?

Creative Blog Posts

Later on, we will discuss the significance of creating value posts. We will differentiate between generic content and content that will make people keep coming back and make them want to share and keep them interested.

But what is also important is that the blog post itself should be a good one. The purpose of creating quality blog posts is that when a person clicks on the link you’ve shared in social media accounts, they can easily rely on themselves getting what they need and having a good experience.

So how are you going to ensure that this is the case?

Here are some tips:

Good Writing Skills

Composing a high quality of writing in your content is a must. Inadequate mastery in English can undermine your message, even though you have good material. There may be a chance of losing the trust of your audience that you need. It would be best if you gained their confidence in the first place.

So how would you write, OK? What can make quality written content?

The critical point is to remember what the purpose of writing initially is to deliver information. Also, you want it to be concise as possible so that the person who reads your content will immediately understand the message.

It means you shouldn’t fill your pages with jargon or flowery language. Forget showing off and forget, demonstrating just what a great writer you are. Instead, focus on delivering that content efficiently.

You don’t need to be exaggerated in creating your message. Instead, focus on how you will deliver your content correctly to the reader.

The objective of using jargon is to give only additional meaning with lesser words.

In other words, you could use a different phrase because it means a slightly different meaning and makes the context a bit refined.

When you compose content for your social media or website, you should ensure that it is well organized because you don’t want your audience to be confused. When creating a post to your blog, do not make one bunch of text because this may put your audience away.

You may split the text into paragraphs so that it won’t look bulky in the audience’s eyes. Be mindful of using a readable font for every post you create. Always think that there are people who only use their personal phones when hopping on the web.

How to Make Your Post Shareable

Making your content more readable makes the person who looks at your website will stay longer. It is a good start.

When you create content, you want to reach as many people as many as you can. In line with this, when you post using Facebook, only 10-20% of your audience will see your post on their Newsfeed, meaning a small portion of them can totally pay attention to the content.

So just don’t rely on the numbers of your followers. That’s why you need to make a post more shareable to create a giant network.

Here are some tips to achieve this goal:

The use of right Meta descriptions: One best description of Meta may help to grow your followers. It may be the reason why your audience will come back and revisit your post. As long as your post tells for whom that post is.

After the headline, this is a message that someone will notice when sharing a specific post.

The Use of Right Title: A good title for your content is essential if you like to ensure that you will get the number of engagements.

The goal is not to deceive your audience; instead, make them feel that your content is worth sharing and then promote the content through the title.

You can execute this by giving good writing content that emphasizes value to the subject. It can lead a clear message to your audience that the content you create is valuable. It is also good to write content in which you can touch the audience’s emotions.

For example, I wrote an article about the top athlete’s diet. Upon doing individual research for my content, I discovered that this athlete uses a supplement that had a ‘nootropic’ effect – a smart drug effect.

That’s inherently a fascinating perspective because it’s something that isn’t always discussed in related blogs. It also has a very emotional desire to respond because of the words’ smart drugs’ to put in mind the use of drugs and achievement, super-intelligence, science fiction … it’s a strong impression.

So instead of a prevailing title like, “Name’s Diet and Supplements Revealed! “I created something a little more attractive:” What NAME Slim, Strong and Mentally Flexible Using a Special Diet and Supplements and Smart Drugs Regime?”

Now, someone with curiosity in this athlete is sure to be interested in reading the post! Often share your story, look for a new perspective, and look for an emotional hook. And if you want to see an example of a social brand that does this very well, check out ‘IFL Research.’

The Use of Right Images: A well-chosen image is an important thing when posting on social media because it has to be attractive. The means of choosing the right photos is because there will be someone who will tag it along with your post, and it will be the first thing that will be seen by your audience.

In social media, photos are the leading entertainment, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

To make your content be recognized and reach more followers, you should use a high resolution and correct dimensions of images on your links, resulting in more attention and clicks. Creating a natural way of choosing the right images for your content may result in getting more clicks.

Establishing Best Pictures

So what if images are your main focus in creating content? So what if we’re talking here about the Instagram profile?

If you focus on Instagram, you should know how to make the right image positively noticed by the application users. To make that happen, you shall know how would create a value post.

The image that you chose should be a bit different. Making a photo attractive can provide a value post.

If you’re going to work on an Instagram account, you should have to make sure that you have a decent camera to back it up.

There is a chance of success on Instagram by using only your personal smartphone. Still, you will have more opportunities to create a good quality photo by using a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

You may study about how you will make a good photo. An image with a dramatic impression and a good dynamic can create a good story by just looking at it.

The image on the subject shouldn’t be completely focused on it. Sometimes you should look at the perspective differently. For example, I will take a photo of a product and just make it in the center of a square frame; it would look dull.

However, choosing a good background for your subject can be more enticing to the viewers’ eyes and somehow can build a connection with them.

It provides context by relying on several levels and drawing the viewer in, indicating that the foreground element has created the background element.

For example, instead of seeing a shot of someone working out, you could be showcasing a dumbbell that was tossed to one hand with a pair of weight-lifting gloves. And again, this tells a story more entertainingly.

After all, it is said and done. It will significantly help to promote your brand. It sells the lifestyle and ideas you are trying to give to your viewers, and by doing that, lets you make your content more meaningful and lets you promote your brand and the popularity of your goods and services.

Creative Video Posts

Do you mind having content that will positively have a value on social media?

Then you should make a video. It allows you to make the content more impressive because it does not require a lot of time for the viewers to get what you are trying to impost. Also, it allows your audience to know the message you want to convey in your content. It helps to build more trust between your audience and you as the content sharer.

Making videos may take a lot more of your time composing value post content, but this means you can eventually reach your target audience and make your brand be known. Writing content can be done by anyone, but creating a video is a bit more complicated. However, this can help you to keep offering a high value of service or goods that you can offer.

Social Network Content Creation

When creating branding on social media, it is not focused only on what you can offer. It also needs to build communication with your audience. You have more engagement with the users by merely inviting them to make contact with you or stay to get in touch with them.

It is significant because it creates a sense of optimism and can significantly strengthen your brand’s attractiveness and loyalty.

How are you going to create content?

Here are some ideas:

  • Make use of Facebook Live and Go live on Instagram – This helps your audience to connect directly with you and can be extremely beneficial in terms of how you involve customers with your brand.
  • Create Start polls, questionnaires, and competitions – This helps you know what your audience is looking for by creating questions about the topic or content that will make. Also, this is an excellent way to start engaging with your viewers.
  • Look out for your followers – You may follow others. You can also leave a comment on their videos and pictures and respond to their words. It can also increase your engagement because when some of the audience saw how you connect with other influencers, it makes them think to check on you too.
  • Posting content in social communities – This can help you be informed about the socials trend, and you should sometimes get involved in the discussion.

Before writing your community-building content, remember stuff like:

  • The objectives of your (potential) client
    You know what your business priorities are, but what about the purposes of your target audience? What are their intentions for your content?
  • Depth of the material
    How would you make them learn or understand better? Can you change their minds about a misunderstanding of the industry or question their views about a specific subject?
  • Satisfies the need
    How can you satisfy their needs? Can you offer tips, thoughts, directions, recommendations, guidance? Your aim is to concentrate on delivering quality content that people want (and are looking for).


There are myriads of means for you to do this; try to break something in your mind. Social media is an evolving community, and you need to be continuously proactive in order to optimize interaction.

The more time and willingness you put into producing reliable and consistent content, the more your brand can succeed! It might be sound easy, but you’d be amazed at how people believe in what they can get by basically sharing the same standard.