When some people hear the word SEO they instantly have visions of advertising nightmares and high costs. However, while there are some costs involved in doing SEO correctly, the payoffs can well exceed any monetary costs. To understand the value of getting a higher ranking in a search engine, one must understand what a higher ranking can do for their company. Sure, everyone likes having the coveted spots near the top of a search engine, but what does this really do in terms of revenue?

To fully understand the process, imagine that a company runs a product that provides stain removals solutions. Everyone needs a good stain remover every now and then, so it would be something researched often. If the company ranks #5 in the search engine’s results, this will send about 6,000 visitors per month to the site. However, if this same company were to reach the #1 spot on the search engine, they would get more than 50,000 visitors sent to their page every month.

Hypothetically, that would be 44,000 more hits based on the rank. If the site currently made an average of $40 for every 1,000 times the page was viewed, in the number one spot, they would earn $2,000 a month. This data was according to AOL’s recent studies on how SEO affects the company. 50,000 visitors are just a small estimate. Anyone can see this is a great way to increase revenue.
Things have changed drastically with SEO. In years gone by, an article would be written, and appropriate keywords would be stuffed throughout the writing. This would correlate with the keywords when typed into the search engine. A page with high keyword content would rank higher. However, Google sent everyone into a tailspin when they changed their algorithm. The old keyword stuffing method may have done wonders for the ranking, but the content that was provided was lackluster. An article that had the same words repeated over and over may or may not have provided the answers the person was looking for.

Today it is all about content. Google is no longer looking for articles that have keywords stuffed throughout. Instead, they are looking for great content that people need. If a site is about green cleaners, they are going to rank the site higher that has the best information. In other words, the search engines were sending people to pages that may or may not have had useful information, as they were reading keywords and not content. However, today it is all about creating valuable articles and information that people are looking for.

The costs involved in SEO can get quite expensive. Creating quality content can take a great deal of effort and research, not to mention hiring IT people to help with these tasks. Thankfully, I am well versed in SEO and Google’s new ranking methods. I can help you to get your company a higher ranking and allow you to see an increase in revenues. Sure, it’s costly and a hassle, but it works and works well. Those who want to get ahead in the business world will invest in SEO.

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