When running a private language school, the entire business model is dependent on gaining new clients. There are a number of different ways to market language courses. Many in the industry have long relied on analog techniques such as print advertising and referrals. Things have progressed into the digital realm, though, and with it comes new methods to advertise. The most effective of these has been Google AdWords.

AdWords is a very easy concept to understand, and you’ve had it in front of you all of this time whether you realized it or not. Whenever you do a search on Google, you’ve seen some results at the top of the page and occasionally on the side that relates to the search that you just performed. This is AdWords in its entirety – a system for advertising that looks at the keywords in the search term entered by the user. You’ll also see AdWords appear on different websites, and these function in very much the same way as what’s on the search results pages.

What makes AdWords excellent for a private language school to advertise is that you have a choice over what to target. You can, therefore, decide you want to advertise only to people searching for how to learn a particular language. You can take it one step further and target even deeper than that. For instance, you might only set your AdWords advertisement to only show up when a person searches for Mandarin courses near Los Angeles. You have the ability to control who sees your ads and when.

The flow here is pretty straightforward: A user does a search on Google, sees your language school as the first thing advertised, then clicks the link to follow through to your website. You’ll usually want to direct them towards a sales page, rather than the main page. At this point, the rest writes itself. You’ve now got a captive audience, and if the user likes what they see, then you’ve earned yourself a new client. Because of the tremendous control, you have over your AdWords campaign, the system gives you the opportunity to rapidly expand.
In the end, though, one of the most important reasons that AdWords is excellent is that you only pay for results. There is no flat fee for running and managing an AdWords campaign. You simply choose the keywords and phrases that you want to target, and Google’s algorithms take care of the rest. You’ll only pay when somebody actually clicks on one of your ads, meaning all of the money you spend is on people who were actually exposed to your school’s services.

Because of these factors, AdWords is by far the best way for a private language school to expand and add clients. Even newer schools have the opportunity to succeed in this domain. Your school gains instant exposure to a customer base that is interested in what you’re offering. If you’re looking to add clients, then there’s no doubt that an AdWords campaign can be a vital part of that mission.

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