There are many different ways to rank your language school website higher on Google. The problem is figuring out which techniques will work best for you. That’s why I want to share with you five proven methods that can help grow your language school’s traffic today!

1. Improve your website’s visibility by using SEO techniques for your websites such as keyword optimization and internal linking.

To optimize your website, use keywords that are relevant to what students want to learn about. If you’re looking to promote an English language course, then use words such as “English” and “English lessons.” Other important keywords include the location (such as city names), brand name, and domain name of the site. For example, if someone is looking to book a course in Vancouver, Canada, they would type “Vancouver English language course” into a search engine.

Keywords are used to help search engines determine what your site is about, so make sure you use them in several areas of your website. First, when writing the copy for the individual pages, include relevant keywords when they make sense (but not too often, or it will look like keyword stuffing). Second, add appropriate metadata (a resource box) on every page of your site that helps describe its content. Third, use internal links to point visitors towards additional information about topics that are relevant to their current search.

The best place to include all of your keywords is in the title of the page. Make it as descriptive as possible, but also make sure that it includes your brand name (or one of its related keywords). For example, if you are writing an article about how to improve your English skills, use “Improve Your English Skills with These 5 Proven Methods” or something similar.

2. Create a blog and post regularly on it

The more content you have on your site the more likely it is that search engines will consider your site relevant to specific topics. A blog allows you to post text, photos, videos and other media directly onto the page. You are also able to link back to internal pages within your site where appropriate. Additional information can be found here: 3 Strategies for Growing Your Language School’s Blog Traffic

3. Use social media sites

Grow it where your students already are! Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and others provide a great platform to share content with an interested audience. There is no better place for your customers to be than social media sites because if they’re not there, then their friends probably are; and we all know what happens when one person shares something: it goes viral and gets passed around like a cold in November.

On social media, relevant hashtags can attract people who are specifically looking for information on language courses that you offer.

4. Give visitors what they want: content!

Visitors won’t trust you if all you have is an “Our School’ page and a “Our Courses” page without so much as a single piece of information about the school and its offerings on the site itself. Be honest and transparent with what you offer, and more importantly, why someone would want it.

When writing content for your site, focus on what matters to your customers and not just you or how great your school is.

5. Get backlinks from other sites… but do it the right way!

As I mentioned in a previous article, getting backlinks from relevant sites is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your own site. When making these connections, there are many things you can do to ensure this process goes smoothly.

For example, you don’t want to buy links from sites that are unrelated to yours. It will only raise a red flag and look like you’re trying to game the system. Instead, work with other industry professionals who can offer advice through guest posts on your blog or by posting related content onto their web pages. Being able to connect with other businesses in this way builds trust and credibility for both parties while improving search engine rankings for each of them.

These are just five proven methods for growing your Language School’s traffic through SEO; but at the same time, there is much more that goes into achieving this than just optimizing keywords. The best thing that you can do is use these strategies as guidelines while continuing to learn about things such as how to improve internal site structure as well as how to take advantage of social media marketing.

In this article, we talked about the five proven methods for growing your Language School’s traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These include writing title tags with relevant keywords, creating a blog and posting regularly on it, using social media sites, giving visitors what they want by providing content, and getting backlinks from other industry professionals. Doing these things will help grow your school’s traffic today.

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