English Teachers are constantly looking for new ways to promote their courses online. There are many advertisements that they can use to promote their content. I’ve found a few websites that offer free advertising opportunities for English teachers who want to build up their following online.

Teachers Pay Teachers

TeachersPayTeachers is an online community, which makes it easy for teachers to create and sell their own curricula. It’s a place where you can find and share resources. You can connect with other teachers and make money from selling their original content. So if you have created some great materials or are considering purchasing someone else’s, Teachers Pay Teachers is the place to do it!


Magoosh is an educational platform that allows teachers to put their content on the web. There are 2 reasons why this is a good place to promote your courses.

First, there is a lot of free content available from Magoosh. If you have created some great resources for your students, you can offer them to Magoosh so that others can find them. In addition, if someone purchases one of your courses, you would make a commission from AdSense or Amazon.

Second, Magoosh is a platform that connects teachers with students. You can create your own course (2-5 lessons) and then promote it on Facebook or other social media platforms. The more popular your course becomes, the more you will attract new students. No need to worry about tying down your content just yet; if you want to expand your curriculum, later on, you can easily change it.

Promote Your Courses on Facebook

If you are looking for one of the best ways to promote your courses, you should check out the Magoosh Facebook page. On this page, they have 25k+ followers and it is a great place to get your materials in front of thousands of English teachers! There are also other Facebook groups where teachers can find new content. You can promote your courses by posting them there as well.


Sell a Course on Udemy

Udemy is another great place to promote your courses (or any other online content). This website offers a wide variety of courses, from business skills training to design programs. You can create your own course, just like you would on Magoosh, and promote it on Udemy. This website is a great way to get exposure for your content and earn some extra income from the work that you put into building your courses.

Use Quora to Promote Your Courses

Quora is a great place to promote your courses because people go there to ask questions about English Language, Reading, and many other subjects where your content is relevant. Before you promote your course on this site, search for a similar topic and make sure that you’re providing the best quality content. That way, you’ll be able to attract new students without giving them false expectations.

Start a Blog

If you are a teacher, you probably have more knowledge about the material that your students learn than anyone in your school. If so, why not make it available to others? This is an excellent way to promote your courses online and build strong relationships with the people who buy them. By starting a blog, you can attract partners and introduce yourself as an expert. This is also a great way to acquire more knowledge about the subjects that you teach.

If you need help starting a blog, we can help you here!


Create Videos on YouTube

Videos can be a great way to promote your content online. If you have uploaded a video that you created yourself, many people will watch it and they will be able to find out more about your courses. So consider creating exclusive content for them! Also, by uploading videos, you’re getting another avenue of exposure for your course and promoting it on the web as well.

Make a Billboard or Poster in a Public Place

One of the ways that I have found to be really effective is making posters or billboards in public places (where thousands of people will see them). This was a great way for me to get my message out. If you have a few thousand students in your area, you can contact them and ask if they would like you to place an ad in their school for one week. You can also make signs for your classes where these same students will see them!

Use a Banner Ad Same as # 7

Another way to promote your courses online is by using a banner ad on an English website. You can create one of these ads and place it on the web. Then you can create a landing page that will attract students to your courses. The ads that I have found to be most effective are those with catchy language and a picture of the product that you are promoting.

Use the Social Media Apps and Pages for Promotion

There are many social media apps that can help you promote your courses online. For example, I used Instagram to get my message out to a wide variety of people. Instagram has over 800 million users and is a great way to promote your content. You can use your account as a way to gain new followers who will then book a class with you.

The truth is, no one can master anything with the snap of a finger. It’s an iterative process, and I believe it’s best to view your education as a lifelong pursuit. This is especially true now that we live in the age of information overload. The more you learn, the more you realize there are so many things left to know. But we got you cover, visit our courses page. What other methods have you found that are effective for promoting your English language courses? Let us know in the comments below!

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