There are a number of different methods you can use to communicate with foreign students who are struggling with your language. Here’s how to make sure they have a smooth learning experience during their stay in your country.

Help with the language. Make sure you don’t show off your perfect language skills in front of them, because you’ll be imitating their accent and pronunciation instead of learning from them. By using the language yourself you will learn how they break down words, how sounds are formed, and how to adapt it to their own culture. Find out what their culture is like as this is a good way of making sure you’re not offending them. This is by showing an interest in the person, and by taking an interest in learning more about the culture. You should also remember that their culture and religion might be very different from your own, so this will help avoid any conflicts or arguments

Be patient with them and answer all questions they may have.

Introduce Yourself: Be Friendly and Do Not Judge

Introduce yourself in person and keep the conversation on friendly terms. Foreigners will often behave differently towards people who have welcomed them than those who didn’t. Show them that you are friendly and won’t judge them so they can feel more at ease.

Use Visual Aids: Show them What You Mean so They Know What’s Coming Up

Use visual aids like posters or diagrams because it is a better way of explaining. Talk to foreign students before letting them know that they are living in a foreign country. This will help them have a better idea of what to expect.

Keep the Conversation on Friendly Terms

If you are having a conversation about travel or studies, keep the conversation on friendly terms. Stick to the topic that you have agreed on before and be careful not to be interrupted by questions that will change the subject. Ensure they have time to talk too.

Learn How to Say “Hello” and “Goodbye”

Learn how to say “hello” and “goodbye” in your language of choice. This will enable you to greet them when they arrive at your place and bid them farewell when they leave.

Talk to Foreign Students Before They Have a Chance to Freak Out

Talk to them about their culture, and about differences between your own cultures. This is good because it will prepare them for the challenges they will have to overcome during their stay. Let them know that you are not trying to make fun of them, but are simply trying to help them understand their culture and how it is different from yours.

Be Patient: Process Nervousness Slowly

Be patient with foreign students when they are nervous, frightened, or frustrated because it can take time for people to adjust to a new place. This is why you should be willing to help them settle in before criticizing how they do things or making stupid jokes about them being foreigners or “different” from you.

Use the Language Yourself and See How They Break Down Words/Sounds etc. to Adapt it for Their Culture as a Way of Learning More About Them (i.e.- their culture, religion)

A good way of learning how foreign students break down words and sounds is to have a conversation with them about it. You could ask them to point out the differences in how they say things, and how their pronunciation differs from yours. You can also ask them if they have trouble understanding you because of their accent or pronunciation and if so, do they have any tips on how to communicate with you better.


Another good way of learning more about them is to ask them questions about their culture. You can ask them about their religion and customs if they have one, and how it differs from your own. All in all, you should always connect with foreign students whether they are a host, a resident, or a student

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