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$50.00 / month

Promoting your language school on presents an economical means of reaching out to potential students, in contrast to paid advertisements on Google Ads. We also embellish the destination page with images to provide comprehensive insights into your offering.



With over 50,000 visitors searching for language schools worldwide, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. But with our platform, you can gain a unique advantage over typical language portals with extensive listings.

Our exclusive offering features one language school per destination, ensuring maximum attention and promotion throughout the site. Think of it as having your language travel agency promoting your language school without paying any commission.

Joining our platform provides your business with the opportunity to grow and attract even more students!

Let’s partner up and help your language school succeed.

Businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of our special offer by covering their first six months of payment for only €50 per month. If traffic and sales double, the price doubles, too. This strikes a balance, as businesses pay fairly and equitably as they grow. 😊

With our full money-back guarantee, you won’t be charged if you don’t receive any leads.

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