When attempting to build traffic to a website or business portal, it is important that SEO be a strong part of the copy. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is best when left to experts in the field. As with anything, you are better to let an expert handle things.
Some companies choose to have an in-house person who handles SEO for company websites and marketing. While this might seem okay, how do you really know if it is effective? When hiring an SEO consultant, you will have the ability to compare copy and results.
Don’t settle for second best when you are trying to boost business, sales, and traffic. These sorts of decisions can actually be what make or break your business. Imagine letting a friend fix your air conditioning for you. Then it never works right again. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now you have no warranty. Worst of all, you now have no cold air.
This is a little like the situation when letting an in-house person write your SEO content for you. SEO in-house may save you money but it actually may cost you more money in the long run. Why is that? In order to have someone on your staff to write all the content for you, the average salary is going to be around £30,000. You could potentially hire an SEO consultant on a contract basis and pay for each thing you need to be written for far less. Most writers charge per word or per page. Since competition is often quite thick in this field, people will bid on your projects and you can hire whoever provides you with the best references and samples of previous work. Doesn’t this make more sense to you than handing such responsibility over to a staff member who is on salary, has had no specialized training in SEO and potentially has no clue what they are actually doing?
Do not make a mistake that could cost you money in business lost, money in salary that is unnecessary and just plain doesn’t make sense. You are a business owner or manager. This reflects on you, the image of your company and goes right to the financial bottom line. You cannot afford to make a costly budget mistake. You should look into hiring an SEO consultant so that you can breathe easy, knowing that your copy is in good hands.

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