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What Is The Most Popular Trick To Be Found In Search Engines?

This must be one of the questions we are getting asked most of the time: people wanting to know how they can “trick search engines” to get their business listed more prominently on top of the search results.

This question comes most often because business owners saw misleading advertising for products and software that supposedly can create some shortcut for you to be shown at Google and other search engines. Websites promising you unrealistic results and strategies that work only for a few weeks just to be replaced by new smarter technology from search engines that make sure that no spam and useless content is to be found in search results.

Do not confuse this with helpful and necessary analysis software that you need for example that learn what your potential customers are searching online for (see our article “Language Schools are clueless about these keywords” for example.)

The wake-up-to-reality fact is: there are no tricks and there are no shortcuts to Internet Marketing success. There are no overnight successes, no matter what people try to tell you online. If someone is highly successful online it has to do with months and often years of hard work behind the scenes. It is when the needs of customers are met in an outstanding and impressive way.

Online Internet marketing success can be “fast” if you provide relevant and highly helpful information in a way that people can share with others. This can catch on very fast and people spread the word about your language courses if you are doing a great job in communicating the values that you provide – most likely if it is done in an entertaining format.

All those things take time to be prepared, you need to carefully create content that is both valuable and new to people as well worth to be shared with others. It is also very unlikely that you are able to do all that on your own.

Unrealistic expectations that unpaid interns without any solid marketing experience are able to post and blog the right things to build your online reputation long-term are as much as present as language school owners thinking you can’t afford to outsource and automate key online activities.

What is the “trick” indeed to be highly successful and visible online in a prominent way?


Since 1999 I am helping language service providers and language schools to sign up more language students. I offer with my team affordable and high-quality SEO Services that you can find on this site.

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