Blogging reflects a reasonably new trend. It ultimately requires the production of an online journal that is presented in reverse chronological order. The blogger who keeps the blog can opt to post new blog entries as frequently as they wish. It may mean publishing new posts at a less regular period more than once a day, daily, weekly, monthly, or even. Usually, the posts in a blog are linked in some way, but they can be about any subject that the blogger likes. For a variety of different purposes, bloggers may maintain a blog, and such blogs can be private or public in nature.

Private vs. Public Blogs

Blogs can be public or private, too. Personal blogs are the ones in which only bloggers and those approved by the blogger can read the blog posts. Public blogs are open to any Internet user. A blogger can choose to make a private or public blog, depending on whether he’s comfortable reading the blog with others or not. For example, a blogger who creates a blog to vent about life issues may prefer to maintain a private blog so friends or family members cannot read those vents. In comparison, a blogger who blogs for a reason like supporting a cause would possibly opt to make the blog public so that his message will reach as many internet users as possible.
Many social networks recommend users to make their blog or website private or public. Having the sites private means it is only accessible to the owner and other users. They are expressly allowed to access the website, whereas public websites are fully available to all network users. Such same features also apply to blogs posted on a social media platform. Because of this purpose, bloggers must decide whether they want to make their blog posts accessible to the entire media sites or to a percentage of that network.
However, bloggers who create a blog to express themselves through writing, poetry, or other forms of expression may choose to make the blog private or public depending on whether or not they want to make those personal feelings accessible to others. In this case, some bloggers would make the blog public because they want to meet people who can express their thoughts or benefit from reading their blogs. In this case, there might be other bloggers who keep the blog private because they don’t want others to see such personal types of speech.
Making decisions such as this will largely depend on the personal preference of the blog owner. Social media networks may be very massive, and several bloggers are anxious about their blog site is open to such a broad audience. In contrast, other bloggers are not bothered about the size of the targeted market. Bloggers should thoroughly consider this when beginning at a blog. Hence, they still have the option to adjust these options after the blog has been created if they make up their minds about the personal decision they initially designed.

Blogging Professionally

For individual bloggers, blogging can potentially become a source of revenue. A range of organizations operate a blogger network and pay bloggers to manage a blog within the system. Such bloggers can earn per post, based on how many pages views the blog gets, or by comparing the number of blog content posts and the number of page views. A Blogger career needs a lot of commitment. The blogger must be eager and in a position, regularly update the blog and keep it interesting to readers.

Blogging for Personal Reasons

For personal purposes, blogging may be done too. Some bloggers use their blogs to keep in contact with their family and friends while others use their blogs to express themselves or share details. Blogs created for personal purposes can be a lot of fun; hence the blogger must be careful to avoid allowing the blog-keeping process to become stressful.
Bloggers who use the social network to sustain a blog should always carefully consider the blog’s potential audience. Many social networks contain a broad cross-section of the bourgeois society. Bloggers will also be mindful of this audience when publishing a blog and understand how to blog audiences would view blog posts. Although it would never be possible to prevent upsetting any prospective audience members, some bloggers may strongly consider seeking to ensure that the blog entries they publish are acceptable for all members of the social network. If that is not feasible, the blogger should consider making the blog personal.


Blogging doesn’t fit everybody. Many people choose to operate a daily website, as they can not maintain a blog site on an ongoing basis. Others are not good talkers, so consider it challenging to come up with things to discuss for blog content.  It really is! Blogging isn’t just for anyone. Many people prefer running a daily website because they can not continuously update a blog. Others aren’t natural chatterboxes, so find it hard to come up with things to say.
If you’re not careful, prefer fast results to hard work, or find it hard to make relationships and entertain people, then maybe blogging isn’t for you – or perhaps it’s! Let’s look at why many people struggle with their blogs, or just don’t get off the starting blocks while others are really through. Some famous bloggers started with a false start because they were too quick, too raw, and also excited to get going!
If people are just telling others about their feelings, enjoying a hobby with like-minded friends, or having fun, blogging is more straightforward. They don’t pressure them to make money as professional bloggers do so they can post when they have time to.
That’s because if they want to maintain interest, the dedication will always be there. As with hobby blogs, they also have to keep offering fresh content if they do not lose any of their followers. That’s what blogging is all about – whether you’re a professional trying to make money or a blogger hobby it’s not quite the same. If your followers continue to see your last week’s post, they will not stick with you for a long time.
You’ll find it easier to become a good blogger if you can make friends and talk to others. Even if you don’t see it so easy if you know how to write, you can still give people what they want. When you can help people fix their issues, provide them with some love, and guide them with what they’re trying to do, blogging would be easier for you.
Blogging isn’t for everyone, but if they set their mind to it, everybody will blog. Accept that success isn’t instantaneous. Accept blogging isn’t a fast road to riches. Accept that you may have to stay in to write the message, instead of going out tonight with your friends. Accept all that, and you took the first step to become a famous blogger and meet lots of like-minded online friends.

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