Case Studies

Client - Christopher Wright

The website​ was penalized in the past for including mixed languages in its content. The website includes both English and Spanish, but they had to completely change their approach by writing only in English on their English site so their content would rank better and do the same for the Spanish version that they have now. The school did this, and the results have been very positive.

The website was penalized by Google for mixing Spanish with English ​in its content. We helped the school get back on track by implementing a complete SEO audit and action plan that was easy to execute and won them over 90% of their Google traffic back!

Client - Pier Mario Cesaraccio


We helped​ with its SEO strategy by producing an SEO audit and action plan.

The site had a lot of technical issues that were hurting their rankings in Google. We let them know about these issues and then created a plan to fix them while making it easy to execute so they could stay ahead of the curve in SEO.

The school Had Been Penalized by Google due to some bad links that it had. The way to fix it was to find all the backlinks and remove them or ask webmasters for help. We did that and got the school back on track for its SEO campaign.​ no longer has any technical issues that could hurt its SEO rankings.